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VeraCrypt is a type of software that utilizes sources that are available in real-time and maintains on-the-fly encrypted volume or also known as a data space on your device. Encryption that is on the fly basically means that the data will be automatically encrypted even before it is being stored and also decrypted after it is stored, without any intervention from any user.

Software description

Veracrypt is a utility tool that allows users to encrypt pieces of software, folders of documents, and applications. It also has the ability to encrypt entire drives and partitions. This tool is based on a similar one called truecrypt. Veracrypt has superior encryption methods that make it secure against vulnerabilities that applied to truecrypt. The utility is regularly updated and maintained by a team of developers.

Veracypt has a very simple wizard style graphical user interface that allows users to create encrypted volumes as easily as pressing a few buttons. You can use default settings or, alternatively, you can choose to use more advanced encryption methods that take longer to encrypt but would also take much longer to bruteforce.

Veracrypt supports real-time, automatic and transparent encryption methods. The software is able to take advantage of modern processors via hardware acceleration features. For the more discrete user, it provides a source of plausible deniability in the fact that you can use it to create a hidden encrypted volume which is impossible to prove the existence of. Through pipelining and parallel processing, the unencrypted files are able to be used very quickly as if they were not even encrypted in the first place! This software can also be used to create an entirely encrypted USB stick which is a commonly sought after feature in encryption software.

Veracrypt is often sought after by programmers, hackers, and computer security enthusiasts alike for its ability to keep the precious data safe. Unlike other options, veracrypt is also tried and true. Since it is essentially the predecessor of a much older piece of software, It has a large base of testers who maintain its security. Veracrypt is also open source which means that patches and fixes can be rolled out and bugs can be squashed very quickly by the community. Another benefit of veracrypt being open source is that its completely free! It has never and will never cost any money, though donations to the project are happily accepted.

The website for veracrypt contains all the documentation and tutorials that one could possibly need to get started using this software. Though it may seem daunting at first, it is so heavily supported by its community that any problems you could possibly run into likely already have solutions to them! As if that weren’t enough, veracrypt regularly has its codebase audited by professionals and the results of these audits are addressed in the regularly rolled out patches that are provided by the developers.

Now, as I have said veracrypt has the ability to create hidden volumes but one of the most interesting features that it has is its ability to create a hidden encrypted operating system. No one can prove the existence of this operating system on the hard drive partition and veracrypt also has features to prevent potential adversaries from even knowing that veracrypt has been used on your system at all making it very stealthy and useful for the extremely unreasonable. Though this doesn’t necessarily limit the software for nefarious usages, veracrypt can also be used to protect trade secrets. For anyone with encryption needs veracrypt is a great option.

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