VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation Download

With VMware Workstation, you can create a virtual environment in your system. It helps you test multiple operating systems and applications. You can run multiple virtual machines simultaneously and move files from one machine to another via its drag and drop functions. This software is suitable for home users as well as developers who want to test their developed programs in a safe way.

Software details

Linux / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

Desktop virtualization applications facilitate you to set up as many virtual machines on your PC as you want. VMware Workstation Pro is a popular virtualization tool that works with almost all versions of Windows operating system.

Its user interface is simple, making it easier for beginners to use its functions. Since the software runs in the background, it won’t tamper with other applications. You can run multiple virtual machines without worrying about the system’s performance.

Set Up Virtual Machines

The downloading and installation process may take some time, but the installation wizard saves you from the hassles of the process. While installing the application, you can customize its settings so that they fit your needs.

You can run different operating systems on every virtual machine and run any application you want to try. This software is suitable for home users as well as professionals. If you’re building your career in software testing, this software can help you test applications without affecting your PC.

Remote Access

What if you set up a virtual machine at your workplace and need to access it from home? VMware Workstation contains network options that can make your work easier.

You can share the virtual machine over a secure network. It is password protected and you can access the system remotely from anywhere. These virtual machines are compatible with all web browsers and you need not use a specialized utility for this purpose. You can also share the login credentials with your friends if you’re working on a project as a team.

Impeccable Performance

Despite facilitating you to run multiple virtual machines simultaneously, this software doesn’t slow down your PC. It runs different operating systems and applications without lagging.  You can switch between systems at a fast pace. Moreover, this software also offers improved 3D and OpenGL support so that you can enjoy games in HD graphics.

It supports the latest hardware including Broadwell and Haswell CPU. It has a built-in 2GB memory where you can store video content. This way, you can easily access the multimedia content you want to play on virtual machines.

VMware Workstation is an efficient and reliable virtualization tool. Aside from home users, it’s popular among software developers who need to test run the applications they build. Due to its simple UI, you can easily understand its functions. It’s a free tool, which is why there’s no need to pay a license fee to utilize its features.