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WAMPserver is an all-in-one web server application that provides a solution to install, configure and manage the Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows.

Software description

It is easy to install and configure WAMPserver with few simple steps. It offers many useful features such as access control for databases, version control systems integration , phpMyAdmin administration interface etc. This makes it a great platform for developing dynamic websites. Furthermore, it works well in almost any environment including local hosts or within LAN networks.

With its growing popularity among developers of various platforms , WAMPserver has become one of the most widely used web development package available in the market today . WampServer provides quick network configuration controls ,offline development capability and secure environment setup options for database manipulation .

Virtual Hosts

WAMPserver will show only one IP address externally, sharing the same configuration settings between virtual hosts (such as PHP version). It creates unlimited subdomains. With this feature installed, you can work faster & easier with different projects & types of websites without conflicting URLs. Additionally, you can customize various parameters for each virtual host like port number for listening on HTTP requests. It enables SSL configurations etc., allowing applications running under a specified domain(s) and directory structures to be independent.

Easy Installation and Configuration

WAMPserver  also offers powerful features such as virtual hosts creation, module activation/deactivation and editing PHP parameters from the UI. In terms of security, it comes equipped with firewall protection which can be configured depending upon specific needs. All these features coupled with stability make WAMPServer impressive when looking out for Easy Installation and Configuration solution.

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