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Wireshark is an efficient network manager through which you can analyze network traffic. It is used by network administrators to troubleshoot problems, while students utilize it to learn about networking. It is a free tool offered by The Wireshark team. It is a cross-platform application developed in 1998.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Secure your network today with Wireshark. Protect the devices in your home or office. Wireshark is a widely-used tool for analyzing network information. It provides insight regarding the level of security and suggests actions based on the findings. It has been the standard tool preferred by different organizations and companies.

It’s open-sourced, so the community can help improve the program. Users will be able to point out bugs and other things to be improved, making the app’s overall performance better. Wireshark is developed by providing the best security tool for networks in mind. Secure your network and devices today; download and make Wireshark yours!

Wireshark: What can it do?

  • Real-time analysis
  • Offline support
  • Hundreds of security protocols
  • Capture various and widely used security file formats
  • Supports compressed files
  • Encryption
  • Export test results

Wireshark – In-depth explanation of functionalities

Real-time analysis

Wireshark scans your network in real-time. It is useful for detecting vulnerabilities and threats once they infiltrated your network. It means that malware and hackers can’t do much damage since they’re already seen. Wireshark will automatically execute security measures and tasks to protect your devices and network. It will terminate an intruder or foreign device. The removed devices will be blocked, and the system is scanned for any traces of malicious programs.

Offline support

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a local network. Even if you’re not connected to the Internet, Wireshark will still work. It will perform all the tasks similar to when there’s an internet connection. It scans real-time, deploys countermeasure during an intrusion, and many more while being offline. Indeed, it’s genuinely a comprehensive network protection system.

Hundreds of security protocols

Wireshark supports countless security protocols. Make your network secure by choosing the most appropriate security standard for your protection.

Capture various and widely used security file formats

Using Wireshark, you can capture various security file formats. Regardless of the type, Wireshark will support and accept it. In detail, it agrees with the following security file formats:

  • Catapult DCT2000
  • Cisco Secure IDS
  • Microsoft Network Monitor
  • NetScreen snoop
  • Network General Sniffer
  • Network Instruments Observer
  • NetXray
  • Novell LANalyzer
  • Pcap NG
  • RADCOM WAN or LAN Analyzer
  • Shomiti or Finisar Surveyor
  • Sniffer Pro
  • Tcpdump
  • Tektronix K12xx
  • Visual Networks Visual UpTime
  • WildPackets Airo, Ethe, and Token Peek

Supports compressed files

Wireshark supports compressed files. Once it captures a compressed security file, it will automatically decompress it to be used immediately. There is no need to manually go through the process every time you received a similar type. Wireshark will do the rest for you.


It supports encryption so that your network will be safer. Files will be encrypted, making it harder for hackers to intercept essential data. Also, web history can be encrypted to prevent intruders or your ISP from monitoring your activities. There are so many ways that Wireshark can protect your network. You have to configure it so that your needs and fulfilled.

Export test results

The test results on security tests and diagnoses can be exported for different purposes. It is useful for submitting security reports or analyzing network security. Wait no more; download and make Wireshark today!

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