Wireshark Download

Wireshark is a widely-used tool for analyzing network information. It provides insight regarding the level of security and suggests actions based on the findings. It has been the standard tool preferred by different organizations and companies.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Wireshark is an efficient network manager through which you can analyze network traffic. It is used by network administrators to troubleshoot problems, while students utilize it to learn about networking. It is a free tool offered by The Wireshark team. It is a cross-platform application developed in 1998. It helps you keep an eye on your network traffic. As soon as you notice malicious data packets being sent by unauthorized users, you can block them to keep your PC safe from malware.

Network Capture:
It is a reliable tool that helps you ensure that your system is connected to a secure network. It supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. You can choose the right option as per your connection. You can capture incoming and outgoing traffic using advanced filters. It displays network protocol and other essential information. You can view link-layer header, promiscuous, snaplen, buffer speed and monitor mode for each connection type. You can compile BPFs for effective usage.

Color Coding:
Wireshark simplifies the process of network traffic monitoring through color codes. Data is transferred in the form of packets and the software uses varying coloring schemes for different types of packets. You can customize color codes by specifying personalized shades. It helps you focus on important data while leaving the lesser important ones. On the basis of detected data packets, you can generate comprehensive reports. Professional users can use these reports to take appropriate actions to enhance network performance.

It is a user friendly tool that allows you to modify its appearance and functions. You can adjust display such as updating list of packets, automatic scrolling and extra information dialog. You can specify actions it should take to resolve issues. You can choose toolbars and options that you want to see on main screen. You can introduce filters that can help you with search process. It allows you to add Bluetooth devices and customize their functionalities.

GUI Interface:
Wireshark comes with a comprehensive interface that is suitable for users having know-how of networking. It has a simple home screen, however, a wide range of options can be accessed using menu bar. It also opens separate dialog boxes for different functions. You can export the lists of extracted data to multiple formats for efficient use. It contains additional tools of Console, Evaluate, Manual and Wiki that help you with various Lua tasks.

Wireshark manages information obtained from network monitoring. You can access it under Statistics section. It provides access to conversations, resolved addresses, endpoints, pocket lengths, service response time, flow graph, TCP stream graphs and various other factors. It maintains complete details to facilitate users. They can view details of network usage and keep hackers away.

Wireshark is a trusted solution preferred by network administrators and beginners alike. They can manage network traffic and ensure that no unauthorized user can send malicious data packets. It acts as an anti-malware because you can prevent intruder attacks. It is a useful application that enhances performance of network connections.