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Xender is an amazing way to transfer files from one device to another. It works locally over Wi-Fi networks and you do not need any internet connection or USB cables.







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Xender refers to an application where users can move or share files between different gadgets. This file transfer works in any operating system currently available on the market. Users of personal computers, Mac’s, and android or iOS platforms can therefore share files in a very secure way.

In addition, sharing of all formats of files is possible such as music, videos, as well as documents of all kinds as they will not cause any problem. Another important thing is that there are no file size restrictions.

Xender came into existence in 2011 with an aim of providing better connectivity to the world. Currently, the app has approximately 700 million active users worldwide in over 30 different languages.

It is very simple and easy to use the app. Due to innovative technology, as well as high performance international server network, Xender offers connectivity between phone, and computer or smart television with many great features.

The strength of Xender lies in its capability to function without the need for an internet connection. For instance, when sharing files, users need only connect their computers to the Wi-Fi sharing option on a smartphone to establish communication link. The law is same as that of Bluetooth, hence no need for cables.

Furthermore, when it comes to files transfer, the most important feature that we focus on is the speed. With Xender, since there is no use of direct internet network. The provider shows that there is transfer speeds of up to 10 Mega bytes per second. On the same note, the software provides a streamlined design with improved features. A file transfer history is also available. It mainly targets freelancers, small businesses, and mid size businesses.

Transferring files through Xender from one android to the other involves very few simple steps, that is you start by opening the app on your android gadget, then click on the plus button on either device and select create group. Then, on the other device click on the plus button and select join the group. Find the other user’s device and then click on it. The two devices will connect automatically. From there you can start sharing the files.

To send files from Android phone to windows phone, open the application on your android gadget, tap on the plus button and choose connect WP. Then open your windows phone and go to Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Wi-Fi. Return to Xender on windows phone and choose connect friend, it will connect automatically. You can then begin to share files.

To transfer files from Android to iOS, you start by opening the app on your android gadget, tap on the plus button and choose connect iPhone. After that open your iOS device and go to Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Wi-Fi from the android gadget. On the iOS Xender, choose connect friend, it will connect automatically.

After this, you can then start sharing the files. Having this app you get to enjoy several advantages, for instance it allows you to convert videos to audios. Converting videos to audios is advantageous because it enables you to listen to them while you are busy with other activities. You can do this by tapping on the ToMp3, select a video from your phone, Xender will automatically convert the video to audio.

Additionally, with the app you can download your favorite Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or TikTok video to your phone. Also, with this software you are capable of saving WhatsApp statuses, you do not need to download status saver when you have this application as it do what status saver does and even more.

Xender is one of the world’s leading application for file transfer and sharing. Users can transfer files of different types and sizes between mobile devices, with no need for cables or Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection.

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