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Xender is a data transfer app that allows users to transfer files containing music, photos, videos, games or apps. The app offers a free cross-platform file transfer for Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, Apple MAC system and Windows PC. 

Software details

smartphone Apps
Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

Xender was launched in 2011 to provide improved global connectivity. The idea of sharing files more easily contributed to the app’s popularity. Xender has over 700 million users globally and is available in 30 languages. It is available in English, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Malay, Hindi, Korean, Bengali, and Thai.

How It Works

Xender is pretty simple to use. To transfer files from Android to Android;

  1. Open the app and tap plus button (+) on the device, and choose Create Group.
  2. Having created the group, tap the plus button (+) on the other device and choose Join Group.
  3. After these two simple steps, the app is ready to use, and you can easily share files with the other person.

Key Features

1. Convenient File Transfer

It allows Android or iOS-based mobile device users to transfer data without cables, mobile data or WIFI. This feature makes it very convenient and easy to use.

2. File Management

In addition to allowing users to transfer files, Xender also serves as a file manager. The app categorizes all the files and apps on your phone, making it easier to find what you are looking for. It sorts the files into sub-categories like EBooks, Documents, APKs or Archives. The app also provides access to the device’s internal storage and SD card, allowing you to see how much free space is left.

Advantages of Using Xender

1. Fast Transfer Speed

Transferring files through Xender is very fast, faster than Bluetooth. Using Xender, you can transfer large files from one device to another in a few minutes. Its use of direct link using Wi-Fi technology enables it to transfer data up to 50 times faster than Bluetooth.

2. It Is Free and Convenient To Use

Xender uses a direct link between devices and enables users to transfer files without cables, mobile data or WIFI. After ensuring the devices are connected, users can transfer their files for free. The app does not require mobile data or WIFI. Also, one can transfer files anytime, anywhere, even in remote areas where internet connectivity is problematic.

3. Supports Cross-platform File Transfer

Xender supports data transfer between devices using different platforms. Users can share files with other users on multiple platforms like Android, iOS or Windows. It also supports PC connections allowing users to transfer files to their PC  without having to install any additional software. By simply using the browser, you can connect your phone to your PC or Mac and transfer files from phone to PC or PC to phone.

4. Offers Multiple Cool Features

The app offers cool features such as a fun and interactive interface. Users can set their unique profile photo and username that allows their friends to recognize them. It also allows the user to view and delete received files that are no longer needed as needed.

The app also offers backup and transfer of contacts from one’s old device to the new one. It allows users to connect two phones and view photos simultaneously using a Sliding Mass Map. Xender also offers privacy protection options through the option of Hidden Files. It checks for outdated apps on your phone and checks for updated versions on peers’ phones, and updates the app without data.

Final Thoughts

With people needing to transfer information to family and friends constantly, file sharing is an essential part of modern-day life. Xender allows users to send and receive unlimited files to family and peers at no cost. The app also allows you to receive, share, backup, update and manage files and apps quickly and conveniently.

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