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XviD4PSP is a Windows application that acts as video converter. The videos can be converted such that they can comfortably be played on Gaming devices, mobile phones and computer systems. Its simple interface makes it a preferred choice of both professionals as well as beginners.

Software description

While video conversion is not a daily task for most of the people, XviD4PSP will surely come in handy when the time comes to convert videos that would need to be compatible with iPhone, PSP, iPod, and other arrays of video formats, XviD4PSP is a rich and accurate application that can transform multimedia files easily with high quality.

XviD4PSP highlights comprehensive settings window that will allow you to configure every single element of the video conversion. It has a built-in video player where you can preview the video you’re working on. Virtually all video format in any platform can be converted using XviD4PSP. It is a powerful tool that will convert videos to any format fast and with high quality.

Clever Design

Its interface is designed for beginners and advanced users in mind. Novice users can easily navigate while advanced users can exploit other features.

Configuration Settings

People who have little experience can take advantage of its extraordinary features by just choosing the video formats they’re comfortable working on, while those who are more skilled can can tinker on other special features.

Conversion Duration

Similar to other video conversion software, XviD4PSP can take a little while depending on the quality and the video file size,

Video Format Conversion

It can convert files fro PC like MP3 audio, AC3, AAC, MPEG2, Xvid, MKV with H..264, M2TS, MP4, DV, and AVI. Other formats include Bluray, iTouch, Nokia, Sonny Ericsson, XboX 360, Nintendo DS, iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, PS3, and PSP.

XviD4PSP works well for video remuxing, audio, and video encoding. To other additions are needed while working with other components and codecs. Resources are all embedded into one executable file that can run directly without installation.

The software can encode multiple audio tracks, remove logos, and other special filters. XviD4PSP is light to run and changes to system settings. Resizing and cropping can also be done in the software if the video has unclean black borders. You can also do batch encoding that has a preset setting of your preference for your queued videos.

Overall, XviD4PSP is a very powerful and useful tool in video and audio encoding. Enjoy watching videos and audios in any of your devices without worrying of its compatibility. XviD4PSP will give you that freedom. If you’re just starting to use XviD4PSP, you can explore all the other features available for a more comprehensive video and audio conversion or encoding.

XviD4PSP can be donwloaded whether you are using Windows or Mac. It is a user-friendly application for everyone to enjoy. Share your favorite videos and audios you watched and listened to with family and friends with no worries on what device they will be using. You can convert any videos and audios with ease.

There are many video and audio conversion software like XviD4PSP you can download, but XviD4PSP can provide a wide array of options and features you can use to convert video and audio with high quality outcome. Go ahead and download XviD4PSP now and see for yourself the wonders it offers.

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