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Zoner Photo Studio is an editing application for digital images, developed by Czech Republic Company named Zoner Software. It is a complete suite with lots of features for beginners and professional users. It is a heavy tool and thus utilizes a large portion of system resources.










Software description

In order to avoid crashes, it is recommended to close useless applications in the background so it can work properly. It is available as both freeware and proprietary tool and is released only for Windows operating system. The ease of use and support for multiple image formats has made it very popular software round the globe.

View Images:

The software provides a clean yet organized interface that enables users to view image files and browse folders in a simple manner. The folders in system memory can be searched by selecting any mode from browser, map compare, two browsers stacked and two browsers side by side. These modes display the content of folders in appropriate way, whereas Preview option shows images in details, thumbnails and tiles modes. You can enable Views of Folder, Calendar, Keyword or Location for catalogs. It gives access to all the drives in system as well as to the connected external storage devices and social media accounts.

Image Editing:

Zoner Photo Studio makes it possible to convert simple images into lively ones. You can create new images of custom size and add amazing graphics with the help of layers and tools. You can also use editing options on captured and imported images. You can rotate or flip images, resize, adjust canvas and borders, crop extra area and overlay text. To adjust image properties, you can use quick fix, enhance colors and exposure, adjust color temperature and blur or sharpen it. The available effects include cartoon, gradient, grain, explosion, oil paint, waves, pencil drawing, emboss, negative and many more.

Image Creation:

Zoner Photo Studio enables you to create high quality images, calendars, photobook, post card, collage, videos, HDR, Panorama, 3D pictures and PDF slideshows. Photobook can be created in landscape or portrait modes and you can choose number of pages where images and text will be inserted. Calendar can be created for a month or two with custom images. There are many templates and styles present for making Canvas Print. You can create Postcards for your friends and add wishes for them. Collage can be made for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. To create videos, select all images, add music and set timer.


Software preferences can be adjusted to customize its layout. Appearance helps you choose background colors, theme and toolbar settings. With display settings, you can decide the file extensions that should be compatible. RAW format can be converted to other advanced formats. Furthermore, GPS icon can be enabled, backups can be generated, thumbnails can be customized and hardware acceleration can be turned on for fast processing.

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