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Process Explorer 16.21

Microsoft Process Explorer is an amazing program from Microsoft that displays the details of the current running processes of your computer.Process Explorer is not your typical Task Manager, boasting more information and a different display than its previous counterpart. The visually appealing program lists the DLLs processes and information about handles loaded or currently open on your computer. This program makes troubleshooting easier for computer users everywhere.

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Process Explorer is a much needed update to the Task Manager of the past. Computer users around the world will not de disappointed with the quickest way to solve the frustrating issue of programs freezing. As far as utility programs are concerned, Process Explorer is a necessity for optimal computer information provided in an uncomplicated version. Although there were issues with the program in the beginning, Microsoft seems to have worked out the kinks. Installation is easy and should be completed by anyone who wants an easy way to gain more information and control over monitoring their computer processes.

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