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Spotify 2018 is a well-known commercial service that provides you with immeasurable amount of music and video streaming with proper licensing. It provides you with an unlimited range of songs and videos that you can listen to on any supported device and enjoy your time. It is a private product that was developed by a Swedish company in 2009 and had become an immediate success among music lovers. It supports more than 50 languages and is available in most countries from America, West Europe, and Oceania.

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I have been an avid user of Spotify, from free to premium. I enjoyed it even with my free version before. Advertisements are annoying though because it just suddenly pops up in the middle of your soundtripping. It also wont allow you to save music on your playlist especially when you are offline. For these reasons, I decided to upgrade to Spotify premium and I’ve never been happier. The cost is reasonable especially for me who listens to music very often. It allows you to save music on your playlist which you can listen to later on even when you are offline. Spotify’s wide variation of music from decade to decade, underground to mainstream surely did make me satisfied as a user. Letting me organize my music into playlists, to play depending on my mood, is what makes Spotify the best music application for me. Good value for money, not restricted, boundless and fun outline.

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