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Total Uninstall 6.22.0

Total Uninstall 2018 is an uninstall program with tools that are required to clean off your hard disk. This program works fine and is an ideal one when it comes to removing junk files and creating a backup of each and everything before beginning the process of un-installation. This application covers each and every basic of program removal. So, in case you are looking for an efficient uninstall program, then trying out Total Uninstall may come into play.

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As it’s name suggests, Total Uninstall is a software designed to help you thoroughly uninstall any program you wish. Total Uninstall’s “Installed Programs” feature analyzes the installed program and creates a log, in order to perform a complete uninstall independently, without using built in uninstall feature that every program comes with. The program makes sure to delete every single file associated with the program being uninstalled, leaving you without any unnecessary files on your computer. It also removes registry items. The “Monitor Programs” feature notes changes that happen to your system when installing a new piece of software. Having done that, Total Uninstall enables you to perform a full uninstall of a selected program. User has the ability to view all the changes happening to his system when installing or uninstalling any program. Furthermore, this program has other useful features as it can be used to efficiently transfer programs from one PC to another or to control which programs run at startup.

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