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5kplayer 2018 is a media player, disc player and downloader known for its compatibility with a wide range of multimedia formats. It is a free tool developed by DearMob, Inc. to facilitate movies and music fanatics. It is available for Mac and Windows operating systems in English and Japanese languages. It provides a suitable environment where you can enjoy all your movies, music, video clips and radio channels. The software is among the favorite media players of worldwide users because they need not to worry about finding suitable formats of videos; instead they can use this tool to enjoy all types of content.

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5KPlayer is a media player that has redefined the world of media playing by providing a combination of 4k/5k/8k video UHD player, DVD player, air player sender and receiver, online music player and downloader as well as the normal MP3 music player. The application comes with strong inbuilt functions that enable its users to stream music from their devices or tablets. In addition, with 5Kplayer, one can stream music from their MAC pc to Apple TV and speakers. With 5Kplayer, you can record and edit desired content and use it at a later date. 5KPlayer download is available windows, Mac and UNIX operating systems. the media player also support media file formats such as MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEB8 and many others. One thing that makes the software outstanding is its friendly user interface as well as compatibility with most music format. In addition, the software is universally free and enables users to convert files to MP3 with a click of a button. The application also supports AirMiorring recording.