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Process Explorer 16.21

Microsoft Process Explorer is an amazing program from Microsoft that displays the details of the current running processes of your computer.Process Explorer is not your typical Task Manager, boasting more information and a different display than its previous counterpart. The visually appealing program lists the DLLs processes and information about handles loaded or currently open on your computer. This program makes troubleshooting easier for computer users everywhere.

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Microsoft Process has been provided by Microsoft. It allows users to know which files or directories are open in a particular program. This helps them to know which DLLs processes and handles have been loaded.

The display of Microsoft Process shows two sub-windows. The top window displays the processes that are currently active. The bottom window will display the mode in which the Process Explorer is. It may be in handle mode or DLL mode. In case it is in the handle mode, it will display the handles that have opened in the top window. In case Microsoft Process is the DLL mode, it will display the DLLs and the memory-mapped files that have been loaded by it. Microsoft Process comes with a powerful search capability. This allows the user to know which processes have DLLs loaded or handles opened.

In this way, Microsoft Process helps to track handle leaks and DLL-version problems,