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3uTools is basically a free app that allows users to manage files on their iOS devices via their computers. This application has a wide range of features that makes it a useful selection to use.

Software description

3uTools refers to a freemium software for Windows that enables users to manage their iOS gadgets effectively. With this software, users can handle everything they want with their iPod, iPhone, or iPod touch. They things they can do ranges from changing the wallpaper to unlocking their devices.

3uTools offer users a wide range of functions that enables them to make use of their iOS gadgets. For instance, they can customize the appearance of their devices. They have a large list of themes, ringtones, wallpapers, and emojis to customise their devices. Also, they can create their own themes through the use of the built-in editor.

In addition, they can install unauthorized applications, that is, they can access an alternative app store. With this, they can find games, social networks, utilities, and many more applications. There are some of the applications that are not available in official App store. While other applications have had some modifications from the developers to have extra features.

Furthermore, the users can manage their files as they can browse them and folders on the their iOS devices. They can perform several activities such as copying, moving, renaming, or deleting the files. Users can also transfer files between their devices and their computer, or between many iOS devices.

Another important activity that users can perform is backup and restore. With this, users can generate full or partial backups of their iOS gadgets to guard their data in case of theft, or loss. On the other hand, they can restore their devices to their initial state, or a previous backup.

In a nutshell, 3uTools is a complete, and helpful software for iOS gadget users. Through this application, users can do anything they want with their devices. There is no need for technical know how. Besides, this tool is absolutely free and safe, it receives frequent updates to provide the user with modern features, and improvements.

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