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7-Zip is similar to tools like WinRAR and WinZip. It offers functions to compress large documents and view or extract compressed folders. It has a user-friendly interface through which you can manage files and folders in the system’s memory. Also, it offers support for a wide range of file formats for the ease of users. Customize its functions or access the help section via its menu.

Software details

Windows 10

Software description

Storing heavy data files in your system memory takes up a lot of space. It can slow down your computer, leaving limited space for other data. And sharing these files with others via the internet is a major hassle. 7-Zip bring you a one-stop solution for these problems.

It’s a useful tool that can help you quickly compress files. Also, you can also extract compressed folders to view and edit individual files in the folder.

Compress or Extract Documents

Whether you want to store large documents or forward them via email, the software can be of help. Just choose a folder or collection of files and compress them into an archive. Further, it lets you modify folder settings including compression level, block size, path mode, and more. Then you can send it away in an email directly from the software interface.

For enhanced security, you can encrypt folders or set a password. This way, only authorized users can open it.

Next comes its extraction option. When you receive a compressed folder, use 7-Zip tool to extract its content to a custom destination. You can specify the path and overwrite modes during the process.

When you only want to view the elements of a compressed folder, you can do it without extraction. Select the “open archive” option after choosing the folder. The software interface will then display the list of files and sub-folders present within the compressed folder.

File Manager Interface

Aside from file extraction and compression, you can benefit from its file management interface. It helps you access any files or folders from system memory or attached external storage devices. You can also copy or move documents to other folders and delete them with ease.

Then there is the useful option of ‘info’. It guides you about the details of selected files and lets you modify their properties.

Tool Customization

7-Zip interface is customizable. You can do it via the options menu in the top menu bar.

It lets you associate the software with target file formats. Integrating it with Windows PowerShell is also possible. Another option is to define working settings for how the software interacts with your PC.

Available for personal computers, this tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It’s available in 89 languages and you can choose your preferred language via the options tab.

Format Support

The software is reliable and free from malware. So, you can freely use it for efficient document management.

The reason why it’s really useful is its support for several file formats. So, let’s check out some of the formats it supports:

  • rar
  • iso
  • cab
  • gz
  • tbz
  • lzh
  • arj
  • wim
  • And plenty more.

Help Content

This software by developer Igor Pavlov receives regular updates to enhance its usefulness for users like you. So, make sure you install its latest version.

The free tool, 7-Zip, has a detailed Help section. When you want to know more about how its specific functions work, you can always visit this section. You can get information about different versions of this file manager.

With a built-in search bar, it’s convenient to find specific topic help. Then you can print the section from within the interface.

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