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ABBYY FineReader is a professional Optical Character Recognition or OCR software that can convert your paper documents, scanned images of text and PDF files into documents that can be edited with the help of an editor. The generated results are often more than 90% accurate. The process of document reading is done in a short time and as soon as the process is finished you can use your text document for any purpose. It proves very helpful when you need to convert your paper documents into digital files.

Software description

ABBYY FineReader is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that identifies printed letters, numbers and images, using scanners, cameras, images or previous pdf formats; and makes them available for editing.

The ABBY Fine Reader comes in two packages. One is Professional package and other one is Corporate one. The professional package is for single computer users whereas the Corporate package is installed on a server so that multiple users can access it. The software needs to be purchased first before it can be downloaded. After downloading and installation of the OCR software, the following are the basic steps to use ABBY Fine Reader;

1. Get the image of the file by scanning, taking camera picture or using previous pdf file
2.Pinpoint the area you want to edit in the image. For example, text, picture or tables
2. Make the desired editing in the image
3. Save the final file with desired name
4. View the final file to confirm the desired or changes; if not, then re-edit using same steps

Features of ABBY FineReader
This OCR software is very accurate and generates perfect results. It goes for all formats of data. The font style and font size, images, color-chunks and tables were all replicated flawlessly and made available for editing.

The other very important feature of ABBY software is that it recognizes 190 plus languages. It also has built-in spell-checking and dictionary support for over 48 languages. FineReader scores very high in this dimension as compared to its competitors like Adobe Reader and Omni Page.

The ABBY OCR reads even the most low resolution image with 100 percent accuracy. The only difficult thing about the software is its high learning curve. It uses separate windows for different processes which needs getting used to. However, if you use the software regularly the processes becomes familiar and easy to use.

The software also has a mobile app that users can use to work on their files on the move. It supports converting files in MS Word, MS Excel, HTML and text documents. It can even recognize inverted text, barcodes, numbered lists and bullet points.a

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