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Formerly known as ExtremeZ- IP, Acronis Files Connect is an AFP server that is present on your windows server but still allows Macs to connect to file shares and NAS via Apple Filling Protocol (AFP) instead of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. Being a solution that solves most problems faced by Mac users, it is highly recommended since it offers a seamless experience while maintaining the compatibility required by IT.








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Software description

Access to windows file servers and NAS devices by Mac users becomes impossible due to data integrity issues, poor performance, slow
searches and other several problems. Acronis Files Connect is designed to solve these problems.

Users working with Mac or Windows environments have reported on fewer calls for support, improved satisfaction of their employees and a significant increase in productivity.

Compared to Mac’s Finder application, Acronis Files Connect promises reliable, unique, fast and easy experiences. The user only needs three clicks for access to any number of files shares. According to Acronis internal tests, when searching 250,000 files on a remote share using Acronis Files Connect, the user takes only three seconds. Its ability to allow full-content search hence advanced search for a great number of file shares all at once with no degradation, is the number one reason that makes it to stand out.

Founded in 2003, set apart by its image technology and powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, this solution has raised the bar for

secure file synchronization, backup and disaster recovery, too high for future inventions.

Pros and Cons


Connectivity on Mac

It allows integration of Mac devices into enterprise IT systems.

The integration is done on major enterprise infrastructure elements that include:

-Home directories
-Active directory
-Distributed file system (DFS)
-File name policies

Spotlight Search.

Mac users are limited to filename-only search when connecting over SMB to NAS file shares or windows. This causes slow shares for each search issued. Acronis Files Connect allows Mac users to connect file shares through SMB or AFP and conduct immediate filename and full-content spotlight searches using our new mac client application or default finder.

Provide fast access to files from mobile devices.

Expansion beyond Macs is possible on Acronis File Connect hence enabling smooth file access to IOS, Android and windows tablets and phones. Full-content browsing, editing and previewing of files and rich file

browsing together with specific synchronization for offline work, is provided for the Access mobile clients.


Remote administration such as Mac app, web interface would be highly efficient

The purchase standard license offered online does not have the Network Reshare feature because it is for a single-server perpetual license. It can be purchased using the selected number of clients or the selected number of years of support one requires.

I would recommend the Acronis Files Connect to someone who has clients who work off a server and use Mac. Especially if they have been in need of search or have problems when using Office docs. Do not hesitate to get it, the number of users should not limit you. This is because a small license is priced quite reasonably.

Users have reviewed it as being the most thoughtful investment. Its setup is unbelievably simple and the light-weight nature of the software is something that is key. It comes with a trial period that allows the user to test and see that most problems can be solved. It is described as an ultimate solution for users who are into media, creative and design Macs.

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