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Acronis True Image is a secure tool for creating backup of your system. You can save your files online for increasing system memory and recover them if they are lost. It has an attractive interface with easy to use options and features.

Software description

Acronis True Image 2019 is the data protection and backup security tool. It lets you save your data files online, so you can recover them if they are deleted from your devices. Its developers are Acronis International GmBh and its supported operating systems are different versions of Windows Operating System and OS X.

Downloading and Installation:
Acronis True Image is a licensed product that is available at $49.99 for one PC, $79.99 for 3 computers and at $99.99 for 5 PCs. Its trial version can be tried too for 30 days. After the setup file is downloaded, double click it for opening the setup process for its installation. A window will open up that asks you to click Install button for continuing the process. Upon clicking, the downloading and installation of package files will start. After it is completed you can start the application.

For using Acronis Cloud you need to have a registered account. The options that you can see on the Acronis True Image home screen are:

Through this option you can create backup of your data. You can create backup of your complete system, protect particular disks and partitions or backup only your important files and folders. You can select the destination of backup from Acronis Cloud, external drives or choose a custom location within you system or NAS or FTP connections. This option lets you save your data and recover it in case of any data loss or damage.

You can archive your older or heavier files and folders for freeing memory space. You can move your files to Acronis Cloud and then transfer your data. You can analyze your files, choose the files to be archived, upload chosen files and enjoy lot of free storage capacity. You can set the location of your archive to the nearest and then access the folder from any of the supported devices.

You can manage the data of all of your connected devices via Acronis True Image dashboard. It connects you with the online dashboard where the files of all your devices can be accessed and managed. You can synchronize all your devices in real time and share the files with other users and devices.

Here you can clone you operating system and files to a new disk, create rescue media to use it in case your system cannot be booted anymore, create universal restore media, remotely access your PC from other devices and access other tools offered by the same developers.

You can sign into or log out of your Cloud account, upgrade your membership, change serial number, check the validity of your current membership and can check your account details.

You can read help section for answers of your queries, send feedback about your experience, generate system report and can change interface language.

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