Adobe Camera Raw

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Adobe Camera Raw is a software by Adobe that imports and processes raw images in an easy and faster way.

Software description

Adobe camera raw is a plug-in that helps in ensuring smooth and quick photo editing in Adobe. From its name raw, it enables opening of raw images captured by most digital cameras as well as providing a platform for modifying images. The software besides supporting camera raw images, it supports digital negative raw files. The software is easy to install as it involves exiting from all Adobe applications then double-clicking on the downloaded exe file and starts installation following the instructions on the screen.

After finishing, you restart the Adobe applications, and there you are free to start the usage. The latest version, 10.1 version has auto enhancement as well as quick selection. First, you open the software and select the image to be edited. Auto selection automatically applies the effect on your photo depending on the image’s light and color characteristics. Quick selection is where you select the different light and illumination characteristics for your image following the onscreen effects and user’s preference.

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