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With Adobe Illustrator’s robust interface, you can come up with vector graphics for a variety of mediums. Maintain alignment and structure through its grids and guides. The software brings you a set of tools and effects to help you turn boring images or shapes into captivating designs. Also, AI supports multiple output formats for ease of graphic designers.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Adobe Illustrator transfers the power into your hands to come up with eye-catching graphics. Whether you want to create business content or simply design graphics for personal use, you can use this app. It’s a vector graphics software with almost all the tools you’d need.

The software is compatible with Windows and macOS-based systems. So, get a monthly subscription plan to start utilizing all the features it offers.

Create Vector Graphics

Adobe Illustrator is arguably the best graphic editing tool. You can master the software to produce creative designs that stand out.

The major benefit of vector graphics is their utility for different screens or mediums. The image quality doesn’t get ruined regardless of its size. Therefore, it’s the go-to option for developing flyers, logos, and other marketing collateral for businesses.

Bring Out the Artist in You

Let the inner artist in you shine and come up with vector graphics that can make a lasting impact. With its comprehensive effects section, it’s time to convert ordinary shapes into high-quality graphics. Stylize graphics, convert them into sketches, and apply warp effects. In short, there’s so much you can do with these artistic effects.

Appearance and Toolset

Illustrator by Adobe is a versatile software with an interface that keeps improving. When you launch the software, it asks you to create a new document. Choose a document size that suits your design needs. Not only can you create images for different purposes, it’ll also guide you about the optimal artboard size for each.

Then you can work with virtually countless tools and options. Draw vector graphics, apply the desired effects, and then save documents in any supported format.

Precision Metrices

Adobe Illustrator is all about precise drawing. This is why there are tools that guide you with symmetry, directions, and angles.

In the Window menu, you will find grid lines and perspective grids. They form grid structures to ensure you can work in a structured pattern. Also, there are smart guides to help you align items without hassles. Lastly, there are rulers to help you out with measurement and alignment.

In order to keep your artboards organized, you can use layers.

File Format Support

Creating fascinating graphics needs creativity and skill. And while you’re working, don’t forget to save your work. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. So, it’s best to remember shortcut keys to save documents.

When it comes to saving Illustrator files, you’ll have many format options to choose from:

  • SVG
  • PDF
  • AI or AIT
  • EPS
  • JPG and PNG (by export for screens option)
  • Autodesk RealDWG

Learning Resources

The interface of Adobe Illustrator suggests it’s a feature-rich tool. At the same time, you may need some exploration and practice to get accustomed to its use. But no need to worry as you can get plenty of help.

In the software menu, you may notice a help section. Visit it for in-depth tutorials. Also, ask questions to clarify any confusion in the Support Community.

Some users may find its subscription plans expensive. But compared to the features it offers, it’s definitely worth the price. There are some other tools that can serve the purpose too. For instance, Figma, Vectr, Corel Vector, and VectorStyler can be some good alternatives.

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