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Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editing software that lets you create quick movies from favorite parts of your clips, or tell big life stories in full-on productions.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

The videos you make capture the movement and action that you show to friends, family and even strangers. When you are ready to resize them for social media or to enhance them, let Adobe Premiere Elements help. This software offers fixes for editing videos, whether you are new to making edits or have experience working on them.

Perform Some Edits Using Artificial Intelligence

Some functions of Adobe Premiere Elements use AI to help you produce better-looking videos. You do not have to have prior video-editing knowledge because some edits are completely automatic, and they can be done with a click. Actions include combining clips, photos and titles.

The Guided mode guides you step-by-step. There are more than 24 of these edits, ranging from adjusting shadows and highlights to, in a recent version, adding animated overlays. Maybe you made your images in low-light, which resulted in a grainy video. Then use the Reduce Noise effect to improve your clips.

Use the Guided mode to learn how to use this software to the best advantage. Once you’re familiar with it, you may be ready to graduate to the Expert Mode, which offers the program’s most powerful video-editing capabilities. The Auto Curate function picks photos based on their quality, so you can quickly review your best footage.

Resize and Add Animation to Videos

If you are sharing on social media, a later version of Adobe Premiere Elements allows you to resize your video either in horizontal or vertical format. Reducing the size of a clip may just be a matter of moving a slider.

Choose which aspect ratio you want a clip to be in. Your choices are 16:9, 1:1. 4:5 or 9:16. Add motion titles, backgrounds and more too. Fit a horizontal shot to a vertical workspace.

It can also allow you to add animation. Put in a blue sky, sun rays, butterflies, fog, a rainbow, encirling hearts, glitter and more. Whatever you want to do, you can use the program’s tools to select just the area of the clip you want to fix or to enhance.

Extract Images to Print From Video Clips

Perhaps you want to make a print from a clip on your video. Adobe Premiere Elements lets you do that, and converts your image to .jpg format. If you want to add music, select the music you want, and this video-editing software matches its length to the length of your video. Use it to make time-lapse videos too. You can also turn clips into a slideshow by using animated slideshow templates.

Use Software for Variety in Titles

Titles you can create include rolling or crawling ones, ones that are superimposed, still ones or ones with animated text. Use Instant Movie to make a production that includes titles, sound effects and transitions. Or, make a photo collage with this video-editing software.

Organize Your Videos

Adobe Premiere Elements is also an efficient organizer. Find your videos by date, subject, people, events or places.. Automatically added to your videos are Smart Tags that are based on the subjects and people the program recognizes.

As software for editing videos, Adobe Premiere Elements is valuable to new editors and to those with experience too.  This comprehensive program is available for a one-time purchase, so you do not have to pay a monthly fee.

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