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Adobe has officially adopted Allegorithmic's industry standard texturing suite - Substance 3D Collection - since their purchase earlier in 2019. This includes its core applications of Substance Designer, Painter, Alchemist and Stager. Adobe Substance Designer is an industry standard for creating custom materials. Offering complete authoring control, its non-destructive, node-based environment lets you instantly edit full texture sets instantly in non-destructive mode without altering their original state. Create and reuse patterns quickly before producing procedural, scan-based or hybrid Substance and MDL materials compatible with your renderer or game engine using its wide array of preset filters and tools for seamless workflows. Designer offers a node-based workflow that makes creating or editing materials non-destructively, making changes and revisions effortless. Utilizing various tools, quickly building complex materials with various properties like brightness, contrast, surface roughness and opacity is possible - you can even add animation with splines and blurs!

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Software description

Adobe has unveiled an integrated set of 3D tools designed to facilitate creative 3D work. Dubbed Substance, its AI-driven tools will help make more realistic special effects, gaming experiences and immersive imagery.

Designs materials with full authoring control. Instantly modify texture sets non-destructively in a node-based environment using preset filters and tools designed for procedural, scan-based or hybrid workflows.

End-to-end 3D workflow

Adobe has updated their Substance 3D suite of tools with an emphasis on performance and extensibility, offering new customer experiences for fashion retailers such as Lowe’s Home Improvement and HUGO BOSS.

Adobe Substance 3D Designer is an industry-standard tool for creating custom materials, providing complete authoring control. Create tileable textures and patterns instantly without ever editing destructively with its node-based workflow; work with procedural, scan-based and hybrid Substance materials directly compatible with renderers or game engines.

Make your images stand out with Substance Painter’s fast, efficient and smart tools – the fast layers integration and complex effects application make for striking stills and videos. Combine layers easily for stills or videos. Adobe After Effects then provides seamless 3D content compositing natively into After Effects workflow to share digitally as print, video or AR applications.

Smart creative apps

Adobe’s 3D ecosystem offers intuitive tools for every step of your workflow. Create photorealistic scenes easily using approachable tools such as Substance Stager, Painter and Sampler; make materials unique using Designer’s node-based texture editor with comprehensive authoring controls; or build materials using Substance Designer.

Designer is now easier than ever to use with its dedicated shader graph that can be exported to other applications, plus its parametric lighting stages that give your creations even greater dynamic effects.

Fashion leaders such as Burberry and HUGO BOSS leverage Substance to quickly digitize physical products, making prototyping updates instantaneous with trackpad clicks while saving on time, labor and shipping costs. Furthermore, virtual clothing collections can transform in-store sneaker drops into fully digital events while its comprehensive set of Substance tools makes adding high-end textures simple – this truly transforms digital artists’ workflows.

High-end 3D assets

Adobe Substance is a suite of smart creative apps and high-end 3D assets that give you state-of-the-art tools for texturing, painting, assembling and staging scenes. All apps work seamlessly together for an end-to-end workflow for modeling, texturing, compositing and rendering.

Substance Assets is a collection of thousands of highly customizable models, lights and materials to enhance your 3D projects. Conceived by expert artists from around the globe, these assets boast infinite variations due to modifiable parameters.

Image to Material is an innovative feature that allows you to convert real-life pictures into 3D materials that closely resemble their original surfaces. Utilizing parametric filters, you can combine multiple materials and create more complex surfaces.

Design seamless textures and patterns using Designer in a node environment with complete authoring control, editing full sets instantly and effortlessly. Add natural effects like weathering to textures instantly or use its image-to-material function for precise albedo, roughness and normal map generation. Finally, share what you create directly with Painter Stager or any third-party application using its sbsar file format!

Augmented reality

Adobe has taken Substance 3D into augmented reality, enabling brands and designers to view and adjust their work instantly in augmented reality. Adobe’s Project Aero augmented reality app now works seamlessly with all Substance 3D products as well as Apple’s ARKit.

Designer provides creatives with a node-based workflow for designing textures, patterns and image filters with complete authoring control over every layer. Creatives can even sculpt 3D forms into virtual clay forms before cutting into them using Boolean modelling tools.

Fashion and retail brands can use photorealistic 3D prototypes to save both time and resources needed for product design while providing top-tier customer experiences, according to a Pfeiffer Report. In fact, photorealistic prototypes could save 90% or more when applied in modern brand workflows – an incredible advancement that represents a massive leap forward for modern brand workflows.

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