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Going through a pile of your favorite stacked up CDs only to discover that the one CD you were so desperately looking for is scratched beyond recognition. Thanks to an emulation software developed by Alcohol Soft, this story can be a thing of the past and in fact a game changer in the multimedia world. Alcohol 52% is a CD/DVD cloning tool that has rich features to instantly create duplicate copies of CDs and DVDs.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

This powerful software does not call for the need of any physical disc and comes with the benefit of time consumption as the loading and running time are a lot faster.

This powerful emulation software supports a diverse range of formats that include CD-XA, CD+GA, CD-DA, Photo CD, multi-session DVD formats for different drives like CD-R and CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW+, DVD-R and DVD-RAM. Full support is also extended for USB protocols and IEEE-1394. The image creating tools also support many formats. CUE, NRG, ISO, MDS are few among the other image file formats supported by Alcohol 52%.

The advanced version of this software has a modified Unicode support interface with powerful reading engines and comes with a new folder management property. The latest feature also boasts of a plug-in that can instantly covert a disk to an MP3 format. The data files are kept secure by running numerous copyright protection. The files are virtually placed on the hard drive. Each DVD or CD can be recorded and emulated in a parallel fashion thereby allowing the use to run multiple programs at the same time. Alcohol 52% comes in 2 versions: free version and a paid version. The free version allows the user to make 6 virtual drives while on the contrary, the paid version comes with a feature that allows support for up to 31 virtual drives.

Alcohol 52% is an easy to use software that creates a powerful and time saving environment to organize your virtual drives. The interface is very simple. When a disc is loaded, the user is presented with queue available features that range from making a new ISO or a disc image file for mounting purpose or even to copy a blank CD. It helps users to manage the organization of the data and what specific files need to be emulated. This feature allows to free up the virtual drive space by unmounting any file. Copying any DVD image is hassle free and takes only about 20 minutes and mounting can be performed in a jiffy.

This virtual hub creates digital copies of your CD or DVD and allows for quicker loading time with a running speed that is 200 times faster. It also offers a robust way to organize your digital files. Has a user friendly interface and the software is pretty easy to set up and learn. The only downside to this software are that updates of this software are not quite frequent and the fact that the trial version comes with limited options for recording and playback.