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The target of its development was to facilitate the Windows Operating System users. It can run efficiently on Windows 2000 or later versions. The size of the software is approximately 31 MB. It is a freeware that you can download for free within a short duration. It is recommended for enjoying videos and audios.










Software description

ALLPlayer is a famous media player that runs video or audio files on Windows Operating System. Though its roots are in the Polish language its developers, ALLPlayer Group Ltd has released its version in other words too due to its increasing popularity. It is being used in many parts of the world. With this freeware, the users can get a lot better experience of enjoying movies and videos. It possesses many more features and options than the other similar tools.

Installation Procedure:

For using the ALLPlayer media player, you need to download its free setup file. When this file runs, the setup wizard will be started. The Agreement conditions will appear up that you need to agree to proceed further. You need to either select Standard settings or Custom settings for choosing the type of software. You can now make use of its features to the fullest.


The users can browse through their system for finding and running video files or audio files, can run DVD files through DVD ROM, enter URL for running the online videos directly, watch movies via the internet and can open audio CDs for listening to them smoothly. The software also lets you use subtitles in the video files. While running the video, you can pause, stop fast forward, rewind and can watch in full-screen mode. If you are using the headphones, then check its working via the settings.

Through the settings option, you can adjust volume, select screen size, apply advanced video and audio effects, use 2D and 3D graphics modes, insert chapters and can change the language of subtitles as well as full software. The tool also enables you to change the formats of files to AVI, MP4, MP3 and many others. You can increase or decrease volume and can change the type of songs and music to flat, bass, treble, club, classical and pop.


ALLPlayer media player can support and run a large number of file formats such as Torrent, RAR, FLV, MP4, MPEG, MOV, APE, MPG, FLAC, AVI and many more. Codecs are sometimes downloaded too by the software to run the files whose formats are not very common. You can edit your subtitles too for the files. It can run 3D audio files with great quality and performance.

Its distinguishing feature is that it can support more than one monitor or TV at a time and can display video on both of them at the same time.

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