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AnyTrans is a tool, for managing apps and transferring data on iOS devices. It makes it easy to sync content between your iPhone, iPad and computer.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

AnyTrans can transfer photos, music, videos, messages and more wirelessly between your devices. AnyTrans allows you to migrate data directly from one iPhone to another without needing backups. It also seamlessly organizes media and files from iCloud. With AnyTrans, you can manage apps efficiently by batch installing or removing ones. Overall, it’s an all-in-one iPhone manager that gives you control over your content. It offers user friendly app management features and seamless integration with iCloud services. AnyTrans simplifies the coordination of data, across Apple devices and platforms while keeping your iOS world organized.


Device Content Management

AnyTrans provides a solution, for managing content on iOS devices. With AnyTrans you can effortlessly transfer photos, videos, music, messages and more wirelessly between your iPhone, iPad and iPod. You have the flexibility to selectively sync media by playlist or album or use the auto sync feature. On top of that AnyTrans simplifies the coordination of files and documents across your devices. It essentially gives you control over all your iOS content for access from anywhere. So, your media will stay organized on all devices without requiring management, for each one

Data Transfer

AnyTrans allows you to effortlessly transfer data wirelessly between your iOS devices and computer. It offers a range of content that can transfer, including contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, books and more. You have the flexibility to selectively sync media based on playlists, albums or use the auto sync mode. You can transfer content directly from one phone to another without having to rely on iTunes or iCloud. Even if you don’t have any backups, AnyTrans ensures data migration, between iPhones. The file transfers are both speedy and reliable. Ultimately, AnyTrans provides control over the movement of your iOS data. Whether you need to transfer information, between devices or platforms it’s a fast solution that offers flexibility.

File Conversion

AnyTrans has the capability to transform media files into formats for iOS devices. Specifically, it can convert videos into MP4 format ensuring compatibility, with both iPhones and iPads. Moreover, audio files can convert into M4A format. This fantastic feature simplifies the process of preparing media content for your Apple devices. With AnyTrans file format conversions, you no longer need to concern yourself with compatibility issues or search, for conversion tools.

Ringtone Management

AnyTrans gives you control, over the ringtones, on your iPhone or iPad. You have the ability to easily add ringtones by uploading files, which will convert to the appropriate m4r format if necessary. Moreover, you can delete ringtones. Organize them into playlists directly from AnyTrans. Essentially, AnyTrans allows you to effortlessly manage all your iOS ringtones in one location. If you want to add ringtones, then AnyTrans simplifies the process without requiring complicated iTunes management.

Backup and Restore

AnyTrans offers the ability to securely back up and recover data from your iOS devices. It allows you to easily create backups of your messages, contacts, photos, videos, call history, apps, music, books and more on your computer. Furthermore, these backups can easily restore on the device. Transferred to a new one. In essence this feature acts as a safety net, for your iOS data in case anything unfortunate happens to your device. By enabling you to save backups locally, AnyTrans ensures that your valuable information had protected and retrieved whenever necessary.