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aTube Catcher is a customizable software that is widely used to download videos and audios. It is user friendly with simple interface and a couple of beginner tutorials.

Software description

aTube Catcher is a video and audio downloading software. It has features that enable you to customize your interface. The interface is simple and user friendly. It guarantees a great experience to first time users. It supports different formats, therefore it can play videos and audios. aTube Catcher is integrated with browsers that help search any video or audio from the internet and download it.

aTube Catcher has an in-built browser. You copy the link to a certain video or audio and paste it on the browser. The software keeps memory of those links to various video and audio sites. In addition to that, it has a video and audio converter. This feature enables you to convert formats of the downloaded videos and audios to your own preference. This feature makes sure that you convert videos and audios with unique formats to those formats playable in the majority of devices. This is to help in sharing videos and audios downloaded.
In addition, this software is available in several languages.

aTube Catcher is a multilingual software meaning it is available in several local dialects. This means it can be understood by each person in this society even those who never attended schools and are illiterate. It also has a simple interface to ensure smooth adventure to first time users. It is user friendly and summarized. Anybody with any level of skill can navigate through it. It guarantees an amazing experience to first time users.

Moreover, aTube Catcher has a built in screenshot capture. This helps you capture striking and important parts in a video, presentations or any other thing displayed on the screen. It helps you to take a closer look at something displayed on the screen, and maybe extract important information from it. This feature offers a lot of help to investigators.

Furthermore, aTube Catcher has an inbuilt CD and DVD burner. You can burn the videos and audio you’ve downloaded on a CD or DVD for easy retrieval and storage. In addition it facilitates easy transfer of the videos or audios from one device to another. It is also easy to transfer the videos and audios to phones and other storage devices like flash disks and memory cards. This feature saves a lot of resources and time. Instead of moving around looking for other software to perform burning of the videos and audios on the CD or DVD, the software offers help.

aTube Catcher is freeware but it does not have ads. This is a great advantage to avoid interruption while using it. Many software have ads popping up while using them and this might be irritating to many users. However, this software has no ads popping up while using it. Ads also take up space of the home screen of software making other contents squeezed and might not be seen well by the users.

aTube Catcher also has a support team that are available to help out its users whenever they encounter any challenge while using it. You can also find help on the help tab on the menu. There is detailed information on each aspect that can give a solution to your problem. However this software might not be fast enough during downloading videos and audios. It might take quite some time to be through with downloads. The response team might take time to respond to your questions asked. This help might come days or hours later which may offer little help.

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