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Batch PDF Encryptor is a software designed for Windows users allowing them to safeguard their PDF files using password protection. By implementing 256 bit AES encryption, it enhances security measures. Restricts access, to the PDFs.

Software description

With Batch PDF Encryptor users can conveniently encrypt PDF files at once. Firstly, they can select the desired PDF files by browsing and choosing from their file location. Users have the option to set a password that will control access to these encrypted documents. The Batch PDF Encryptor takes charge of opening each selected file. It applies 256 bit AES encryption using the provided password. Throughout the process, a progress bar displays completion percentage as it works through all the chosen files. This efficient tool ensures encryption of all selected PDFs guaranteeing the confidentiality of their contents.


Batch Encryption

Batch PDF Encryptor simplifies and secures the process of encrypting PDF files. To begin, select your desired PDF documents for encryption. Next, create a password that will serve as a barrier to access these files. Batch PDF Encryptor initiates the encryption process by applying 256 bit AES encryption using your chosen password. This tool efficiently and securely encrypts all selected PDFs at once saving time in the process. It guarantees that your important information remains confidential.

Password Protection

Batch PDF Encryptor offers users the ability to enhance the security of their PDFs by implementing password restrictions. Initially, users can choose the PDF files they want to encrypt in a batch. Then Batch PDF Encryptor encrypts the selected PDFs using 256 bit AES encryption and secures them with a provided password. Only individuals who have this password can access the protected PDFs. Without the password, these encrypted files remain inaccessible ensuring that confidential content stays secure. Users can now confidently share encrypted PDFs knowing that these passwords control document accessibility.


Batch PDF Encryptor had designed to integrate with your workflow making the process of encrypting your PDFs effortless. You can easily encrypt your PDFs by either monitoring folders or simply right clicking on them in File Explorer and selecting Batch PDF Encryptor. Furthermore, it works harmoniously with printing tools to encrypt those documents or word processing files converted into PDFs. This strong integration ensures that you can encrypt your PDFs without any disruption to your existing creation and management processes.

 File Compatibility

Batch PDF Encryptor is a tool designed to add a layer of security, to your PDF files without compromising compatibility. The resulting secured files will still be in the PDF format. Recipients who possess the password can easily decrypt these files. Users can view these encrypted PDFs without requiring any software. This makes it simple to share collaborate and use them across devices and programs. With this software, you can enjoy both security and compatibility by the used PDF file format for document exchange.

Error Handling

When using Batch PDF Encryptor, you don’t have to worry about errors that may occur during the encryption process. If the program encounters a file that had not supported while processing PDFs will simply skip that file. It will continue securing the rest of the valid documents. This ensures that a single problematic file does not cause the entire encryption process to come to a halt. Additionally, the software will notify you if there are any files that it was unable to encrypt, allowing for troubleshooting and resolving any issues. With its robust error handling feature Batch PDF Encryptor guarantees seamless batch encryption, for complex PDF selections.

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