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CamScanner is the best application for scanning and digitizing documents and images in one cloud space. It is an effective tool that anyone can use even without paying anything.

Software description

CamScanner is an application that enables the use of Android and iOS mobile phones as scanners. This application supports different file formats and image formats. The user can scan an image or document, save it, and share in any format to any platform. These formats include Word, PDF, DOCX, TXT, JPG, PPT, and other formats. The users can also perform different actions on documents such as merging, splitting, and compress files. Also, the user can add watermarks, signatures and annotations across different files. It also allows conversion of images to texts, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint in multiple languages. Anyone can use this application to scan notes, contracts, receipts, images, books and store them in one place in PDF or JPG files.

The account for CamScanner is easy to set up and it offers the free version and premium version. The free version offers up to 400mb of storage which is enough for daily work. Although the free version is enough for individual tasks, it leaves a mark at the end of document which is inconvenient for official documents. The premium version has more benefits such as more cloud storage space, extra ID photo credits, extra cloud OCR, and no watermark. Despite all the good features, like any other software, it has its downside. CamScanner does not back images or documents if the internet is not there.

In addition, CamScanner has different modes of scanning such as the ID card and Passport. The design of this mode is specifically for scanning identity cards and passports easily. Also, it has a QR code mode which is specific for scanning QR codes with the use of the phone’s camera. CamScanner has many uses such as conversion of documents. When it scans an image or document, it gives the user an option to convert it to any format of choice. Another use is finding images in scan records easily. When searching for an image about a certain topic, you can type on search bar and all images about it will appear on results. It captures information easily by the help of the crop feature. This feature cuts out the useless data of a document or image and remain with the part you want.

CamScanner has enhancements that can make images easier to read and clearer. These enhancement features include the greyscale. This helps the user to see how the document will look in printing. The magic color enhances the sharpness and color of image scans. The B&W feature ensures the image is in black and white by removing color and shadows. Also, the lighten feature ensures that the image is brighter especially when the lighting is poor. With all the tools in the menu for conversion, editing, and scanning, CamScanner is very convenient in digitizing of documents. The interface of this app is easy to use because of the simple layout and setting options for customizing the profile.

Furthermore, if the user wants to extract text from images, this is the best tool. When the extraction is from various pieces, the extract tool in CamScanner will obtain the text and compile them in a new document. Moreover, the user can print an image send directly from this app. Also, it is possible to fax a copy of an image to over 30 countries right from the application. It is easier to share files and collaborate with others in this tool. The other members can comment, annotate on files, and sync the documents to a central storage space. This will protect access of sensitive data by those who should not see it.

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