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CamScanner is the best application for scanning and digitizing documents and images in one cloud space. It is an effective tool that anyone can use even without paying anything.







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CamScanner, an application that allows you to scan documents using your smartphones camera was first released in 2011. Quickly became popular worldwide. With CamScanner you can convert documents such, as receipts, business cards and notes into format by simply taking a photo.

The app provides features like edge detection and perspective correction to ensure scans. You have the option to adjust brightness and contrast for legibility. CamScanner also includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract text from scans allowing you to save it as files.

By integrating with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive you can. Store scanned files across devices. This enables you to access your documents from with an internet connection.

In addition to scanning documents CamScanner allows you to annotate them by adding notes highlighting text or digitally signing them—a feature for collaboration and feedback purposes. The app also offers security measures such as password protection and encryption for added data security.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms CamScanner boasts a user interface with to use controls tailored for scanning and managing documents efficiently. Regular updates are rolled out to introduce functionalities and enhancements based on user input.

CamScanner provides a version with features along with a premium version offering perks, like unlimited cloud storage and advanced OCR capabilities.
You can get the premium subscription on an yearly basis allowing users to pick the plan that works best for them.

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