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Corel Painter is a digital art software application. It is raster graphics-based and was designed to simulate as closely as possible the behavior and appearance of traditional art media associated with painting, printmaking, and drawing.

Software description

Corel painter is an application software tool that allows user to create and simulate accurately the behaviour and appearance of traditional media on digital canvas. The main features of Corel painter are: setting preferences can be used to select cursor type, shape, brush icon and color theme, the graphic tablet is used to reproduce physical painting effect such as oil, chalk, color pencil, charcoal and water color., the brush list is used to choose brush from multiple options available in different categories and a preview of its stroke, custom pallete is used to add the favourite brushes, the opacity, size and grain can be set using brush control panel, the sketching tools option is used for freehand and straight lines drawing, Color wheel is used to adjust sliders to choose the colors and select harmonies, Color set libraries is used for creating new color set combinations for user by using their favourite colors and also allows for using existing libraries, Color Mixer allows for mixing different colors and a preview after mix.

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