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Corel PaintShop Pro is a professional quality graphic design program. In its latest edition, it includes new tools for editing photographs and create graphics for the Web. One of the best features of this editor is that it allows the user to add instant effects to any image, with the possibility of seeing the results in real time.

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Software description

Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate is an efficient graphic designing and photo editing application that comes with a bonus package. This program features great editing capabilities in its tools and user-friendly base that is suitable for both beginner and professional editors and photographers. All the main functions of PaintShop Pro’s Standard Edition are available on Ultimate, but this one has more highlights. Compared to its past versions, PSP Ultimate made numerous improvements by applying a new set of creative tools, performance fixes, more content, and incremental upgrades.

Software Highlights

This program offers great features and innovations for its users. Aside from basic built-in editing tools like crop and correct, layers and masks, and selection tools, PaintShop Pro also displays a long list of other professional solutions.

Creativity is what PSP Ultimate is all about. That the reason why it has new creative content built in the app. Users can choose from a wide range of patterns, gradients, brushes, picture tubes, and color pallets. Other patterns are also downloadable in the Welcome Book. Thus, users can make better graphic designs with digital painting and drawing. One can make use of vector illustration tools and have their Adobe Photoshop brushes imported to PaintShop Pro.

Another graphic designing highlight is Pic-to-Painting. The creative preset you select turns your photographs into your preferred style of painting. With the use of Deep Neural Networks, your photo is resolved for it to be edited as a painting.

Editing photographs that were taken by a 360 camera is possible with this software. Users can level their 360 photo as well as straighten it with rotation. Some effects include a planet-like effect and a Magic Fill that can remove and replace your tripod in the photo.

Integrate two or more image elements into one photo with SmartClone. This advanced cloning technology helps in creating mild retouches and also complex compositions.

For the fast beautification of your photographs, you can select one-click fixes and filters. The Smart Photo Fix suggests an automated quality setting for an image. If you want a more customized edit of your personal photo, you can also use the makeover tools. These tools can balance skin tones, whiten teeth, remove smooth wrinkles, red-eye, blemishes, and undesired lines.

Scripts are also available for users to make tasks quicker. With the full-scripting engine and scripting guide, one can finish common and repeated actions fast.

Developers of PSP Ultimate consider the feedback and suggestions of their users for the enhancements they make. Some of these are in the legacy features, which are responsible for the improved stability and performance of the software.


As learning materials, PSP Ultimate provides video tutorials in their welcome tab and other info on their learning page.

To give users more control over their projects, the software has pen or stylus support.

Users can transfer content and plugins from past versions or installments to this version.

Premium Software Bonus Pack

Below are programs included upon purchasing Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate.

AfterShot 3
Painter Essentials 6
PhotoMirage Express
Parallels Toolbox
GRFX Studio
Creative Collection

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