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Corel Draw Graphics Suite provides you all the tools and opportunity to unleash your creativity. If you’re a graphic designer, let CorelDraw Graphics Suite helps you to address all your creative tasks and daily projects such as the creation of new and stunning designs using intuitive vector illustration and page layout tools; retouching and enhancement of your photographs with the photo editing program; bitmap file conversion and much more.









Software description

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a graphic design software which can be used by amateurs but, at the same time, it offers tools any professional designer may need.

Users of a CorelDRAW software package can choose from several versions, including one designed for non-professional users and students, one for professional graphic designers, and one for technical illustration. As it is shown in its name, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a complete kit of design programs. Within this pack you will find many programs and tools we have highlighted.

The main features you can find in CorelDraw Graphics Suite are:

-Vector design and photo editor functions.
– Supporting CSS3 and HTML5 it allows you to create websites easily.
– Hundreds of templates and royalty-free pictures you can use in your projects.
– Supports 4K screens.
– Apart from support for keyboard and mouse, you can use this suite with digital pencils.
– Many tools to create and edit with total freedom.
– More than a 100 formats are supported.
– Workspace you can configure and adapt according to your needs.
– CorelDRAW’s design suite consists of independent tools and programs that can help you accomplish your tasks.

Within the program package there are tools for organizing image collections and capturing screenshots. The technical package also includes additional tools for making accurate technical drawings. The versions of the package contain a basic tool for creating and editing vector graphics, also known as CorelDRAW. In addition, Corel also offers a two- and three-dimensional computer-aided design tool known as CorelCAD.

As a design program, CorelDraw provides users with different tools to create original images or to edit them dramatically. Some of the things users can do with the program are generate QR code, page layout and add various special effects. In addition, CorelDraw is also compatible with other CorelDraw X7 Graphics Suite programs, such as Corel PHOTO-PAINT, which allows users to create even more complex images.

As one of the most powerful vector graphics editor, this software is used by many marketing and advertising companies, especially the ones that work in developing print advertising. Vector graphics offered by CorelDraw have the advantage of being easy to expand or reduce without loss of quality, since the length of lines and curves and the placement of points can be scaled proportionally according to a grid. Vector graphics can also occupy smaller file sizes on disk than raster graphics.

Apart from logos and posters, this suite can be used by professionals to create newsletters, brochures, and other kind of printable documents, and it is easy to do it thanks to its user friendly and clean interface. From simple signs to complex diagrams this suite is just the best partner for any business or individual.

Over the years, CorelDRAW’s core program has been expanded to include additional features. With Corel now it is possible to break any barrier, that which one imagines can be easily created since this program puts in our hand many tools that convert the user into a potential artist with innumerable resources within his reach.

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