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CyberGhost VPN will protect your internet security, give you access to geo-restricted content, help with internet freedom, and improve your ISP’s quality of service.

Software description

The CyberGhost program is an online network private encryption tool, in other words, it allows you to connect to the internet anonymously and securely from anywhere in the world. It is a virtual system available to any user, although a minimum of computer knowledge is needed to fully understand how it works and its advantages.


It does not require a traditional installation, that is, it is not a downloadable program on your device that you will later have to run and install separately. You will be able to access it completely online, entering a user and a password that the server will register. The only thing really necessary is to have a device with internet connection and a minimum of capacity, being also possible to use the software from a mobile or tablet, you only need a WI-FI network.

Unlimited access to content

We often encounter the problem of certain countries establishing geographical barriers to be able to visualize their content on the network. Through CyberGhost this problem will run out. If you need to access a series online from Mexico and you reside in Spain, it makes sense that when you try to access the playback page you will get a message indicating that your country’s VPN is not allowed.

If instead of doing so, you previously access your CyberGhost server and tell them the VPN of the country you want to access, the program will simulate that your IP signal appears as that of a local user and you will be able to access the content.

Anonymous browsing

Another of its advantages is privacy, being able to browse without being viewed and access and download all the content you want without knowing that no one will be able to track your steps. This is a very useful feature for government personnel or companies that handle files with compromised information. That is why many companies contract our services to protect their databases and those of their workers.


I’m sure you’ve ever had to take work beyond the office and have had to resort to free WI-FI service from a coffee shop or library. It is a valid and very useful service, but it has a big drawback: it is public and can be accessed by anyone.

Which means that if you enter that network, anyone else who accesses will be able to follow your tracks, your files and even get into your computer.

To avoid this is CyberGhost, because even if you are on the street it will create a parallel tunnel through which you will be able to connect to the public network and not suffer any attack of a virus.


Despite being able to seem like a complicated program and only suitable for computer experts, it is not. The homepage interface and mobile and tablet apps are simple, with a very intuitive operation that will make it possible with a little practice for anyone to browse the internet safely no matter where.

You know, if you need cybersecurity and a tool that allows you to navigate without any territorial limit, Cyberghost is the solution to all your problems.

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