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This free virtual drive emulation program can create ISO, MDF, MDX images from CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs and mount almost any image file on virtual drives. It not only allows you to emulate DT, SCSI and HDD devices, but also to create and mount disk images on your virtual drive. DAEMON Tools Lite is a great tool for creating and mounting discs and images on a virtual drive, as well as creating an ISO image of your Windows system.










Software description

Daemon Tools Lite is well known for its effectiveness and user friendly interface making it a popular choice, for beginners. It offers functions like LaserLock, SecuROM, SafeDisc and the ability to create ISO images. When you install the product you’ll need to choose between the version or the paid version depending on your needs.

For use opt for the version and follow the simple installation process. If you require Daemon Tools Lite for purposes there’s a fee of around $20.00. Additional components like SPTD (SCSI Pass Through Direct) layer are necessary for emulation features. Require a system restart to activate.

The software supports file associations with image types such as NRG, BWT, B6T, B5T, CDI, ISZ FLAC, APE, CUE, CCD, ISO,MDF,MDS and MDX. Creating a drive is straightforward. Just select the source image and begin. You have options for mounting disc images onto any drive available, in the program.

We listed the supported file formats above. Daemon Tools Lite allows you to secure images, with a password organize albums and compress them. This software makes it easy to split CD, Blu ray and DVD image files. Restart your system automatically mount the disc images and adjust drives. When we say adjust it means you can change the DVD region or modify the drive letter.

Suitable for Everyone

If you’re new to this don’t worry. Daemon Tools Lite may seem complex at glance but its actually user software. There’s also a version that can be run from a USB without requiring installation. Advanced users can take advantage of the command line interface. Just remember to have hard drive space as images usually take up storage space. For space allocation Lite version ( installation) allows management of up to four virtual drives while the professional or paid version enables creation of up to 32 drives simultaneously.

Get Things Done Quickly

Thanks, to this software there’s no longer a need to swap CDs and wait for them to load.
For anyone it’s worth noting that Daemon Tools Lite doesn’t support all image formats. It doesn’t work with UltraISO files, Easy Media Creator, PowerISO or Magic ISO. However it does support formats without any issues. Once you’ve installed the program you can utilize add ons such as creating ISO images and handling Securom based copy protected discs. The program features a plug in architecture.

Daemon Tools Lite is ideal, for those who frequently swap and mount CDs. With its array of features it truly stands out as a program. Professional users may find it beneficial to opt for the paid version, for options and outcomes.

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