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The DiskBoss is a solid file manager, which impresses with its special features. The software has an easy to use interface and is only available in English.

Software description

DiskBoss is an excellent set of tools for managing files with superior search function and classification. Also the software can scan for the used disk space, to arrange files according to user-defined policies, sync directories and disks, identify free disk space and duplicate files and, and more.

• Know the software
DiskBoss is a fairly advanced software for disk and file management system. The Manager will perform a variety of operations when you administer content on your drives. This software search for duplicate files, organize the structure and the location of files on user-defined rules, clearing free drive space and synchronize folders.

• How it works
The duplicate file finder tools comes handy to organize the entire system and is also a prevention against junk files. It analyzes the given directories for files with the same attributes. You can then view the results in a detailed overview and take actions accordingly. For security reasons, it is useful to create copies of important files on external disks. The DiskBoss has a synchronization function on board, which synchronizes selected folders with each other.

Main features of DiskBoss:
• File search, classification and organization
• Advanced analysis of the utilization of storage resources
• Detect and delete duplicate files
• Fault-tolerant file copying and moving data
• Monitor file system changes in real time
• High speed synchronization of files

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