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Diskeeper Professional is a complex piece of software that is preferred by computer experts to get detailed information on system performance. It efficiently defragments partitions and keeps an eye on key metrics. It helps in improving system performance with optimized use of memory. It is quite difficult to understand for beginners but experienced users can make full use of PC capabilities through its features.

Software description

Diskeeper Professional is a defragmentation application that optimizes memory usage. It is a licensed tool with free trial valid for 30 days. It was offered by Executive Software International, Inc. which is now known as Condusiv technologies. It was developed exclusively for Windows operating system and is compatible with various desktop and server editions. It is highly efficient software which ensures that the maximum capabilities of hard disk are utilized and assists in enhancing system performance.

I/O Performance:
Diskeeper Professional monitors allocation of memory in real-time to ensure accelerated I/O performance. It provides information about eliminated or prevented fragments, consolidated free spaces and eliminated read and write I/Os. It gives insight of total, minimum, maximum and average memory used and the amount that was dedicated for cache. This feature makes sure that enough of DRAM is available for users so that the tasks can be performed at quick pace.

The software comes equipped with an intelligent memory optimization technology through which idle server memory can be utilized for caching active data read requests. This feature assists in decreasing I/O operations overhead required for reading data from connected storage devices. Moreover, the speed and performance of active hardware can be enhanced while its durability can also improve.

Diskeeper Professional is capable of keeping systems safe from fragmentation that occurs quite often. If connected files are not kept at adjacent places, then each file will require its own I/O operation for writing it to disk. This technology ensures that data files remain intact and do not get broken down into pieces. This practice optimizes resource use and helps in avoiding fragmentation that can create problems.

System Analytics:
It is a suitable solution for getting detailed insight of key system performance metrics. The average hourly review can be generated for specific time period which can range between 24 hours to the time of installation. It shows graphical representation of total I/Os eliminated, read I/Os eliminated, % read I/Os eliminated, write I/Os eliminated, % I/Os eliminated, I/O time saved in seconds, fragments prevented and eliminated, IOPS, throughput in Mbps, I/O response time, read/write percent, total throughput and data satisfied from cache of local PC.

System Settings:
System settings enable users to modify working of the application. You can enable various functionalities including IntelliMemory caching technology, IntelliWrite technology, fragmentation elimination, automatic space reclamation and checking of updates and upgrades. Advanced users can modify further options as they are aware of its operations. They can choose options such as eliminate only critical fragmentation, eliminate fragmentation extensively and eliminate fragmentation depending on storage type. Other settings include space reclamation, drive detection, system monitoring and file exclusion.

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