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Driver Easy will keep your system updated, safe and clean. It is loaded with all the essential features and can be used easily.

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What in the world is a driver and why are they important?

If you’re a Windows user and you find that your computer is gradually getting slower as time passes, then the most likely source of this problem is out of date drivers. You may be asking yourself, what even is a driver? Drivers serve as a sort of liaison between your Windows and other installed devices. These devices include your modems to your scanners, Wi-Fi cards and just about any other installed tool. Each device has its own unique language that they communicate with. In order for them to be compatible with Windows they need drivers to function as translators. Driver Easy can be thought of as the Chief Liaison’s Officer that organizes all the drivers, allowing users to automatically update their drivers as opposed to manually updating them.

The arduous process of manually updating your drivers without Driver Easy:

· Identify which driver is not working properly.

· Determine manufacturer and model numbers.

· Visit manufacturers website and download the page with the update you need (Make sure it’s the right version).

· If you make a mistake it can just make the problems on your computer worse (can take hours to days to fix if you don’t know what you’re doing).

· Repeat above listed steps for each and every one of your drivers.

The simple process of automatically updating your drivers with Driver Easy:

· Set up Driver Easy on your PC

· Click scan now

· Update all drivers at once or individually

Features of Driver Easy:

· Availability: Doesn’t matter what hardware you have hooked up to your PC. Driver Easy guarantees the installation of your desired drivers.

· Offline Use: Access a different PC, download desired driver and copy it to your console. You will be walked through the process by Driver Easy.

· Regular scans: Driver Easy frequently searches for outdated drivers.

· Millions of driver updates: There are over eight million different drivers that can be updated by Driver Easy. Each day Driver Easy adds more drivers

to their roster, all of which have been carefully examined to ensure both dependence and high safety.

· Money back: Driver Easy prides itself on being able to install whatever driver its customers require. If they don’t they promise a return of your


· PC Info: Driver Easy offers an overview of your PCs hardware. Whether you want insight on your audio devices or your ethernet cards, Driver Easy

will provide you with knowledge of it.

Versions of Driver Easy:

There are three versions of Driver Easy that you can purchase. The free Lite version is available for an infinite number of PCs and will detect all of your outdated drivers and download them individually with an average driver download speed of 40KB to 80KB per second. For $29.95 you can purchase the Pro version which can be installed on three computers and lasts for a year. The Pro version has the same features as the Lite version but it also installs the drivers as well as offering preprogrammed points of restoration and back-up systems. It additionally provides free tech support, regular updates to the newest versions of Driver Easy and a whopping download speed of about 500KB to 20MB per second. The Technician version costs $99.50 and offers the same features as the Pro version but works on as many as 50 consoles for three days per computer.

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