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Duplicate Cleaner is a solution for finding duplicate files that are stored in your system memory. It uses various different techniques and filters for performing efficient search and lets you delete the duplicate files easily in order to free the memory space. It is a user friendly tool that can find duplicate content on system and network in no time. It requires low resources and can work with Microsoft Windows operating system. It is a multilingual application and you can choose its default language on start up.

Software description

Managing personal files and documents has never been easier and now with Duplicate Cleaner Free, you get back control over your storage. Using advanced scanning algorithms and a simple interface, Duplicate Cleaner can perform deep scans of your entire system to find identical files regardless if they are photos, music, movies, videos, documents, presentations, or just plain text files.

What makes Duplicate Cleaner Free such a powerful tool is its scanning speed and the control it offers over your files. It can help free up disk space and find old abandoned folders that you may have forgotten about. You get to choose how to manage your duplicate files and if duplicate files exist on your system, Duplicate Cleaner Free will find them no matter where they are hidden.


– Advanced search features. Duplicate Cleaner allows you to customize each scan. You can choose what type of files to look for, in which folders to search, and even apply filters by file extension or name.

– Deep and fast scans. Even if you have hundreds of GB of data, Duplicate Cleaner Free can scan all your files in a matter of minutes. It was designed to be resource-efficient and fast so that you can preserve your focus on what matters.

– Network search capabilities. If you have a NAS storage solution or shared folders across computers in the same network, Duplicate Cleaner Free can scan them and find redundant files.

– Comprehensive reports. With each new scan, Duplicate Cleaner can export scan result reports that you can save in CSV format. You can also import reports and view past duplicate files or check existing ones that were not deleted. All the reports can be archived or imported back into Duplicate Cleaner.

– Multiple action options. Duplicate files take up disk space. Each scan offers multiple ways of dealing with redundant files. You get the option to delete them, move them to a specific location, archive them, or leave them unchanged.

– Simple interface. Duplicate Cleaner Free was engineers to be easy to use, without complicating simple tasks such as redundant file scans.

– Compatibility with legacy systems. The scanning tool works on older systems such as Windows XP and 7. It detects system files on both new and old operating systems and it protects essential files from accidental deletion by excluding them from scan results.

– Multi-language support. Duplicate Cleaner Free is fully translated in multiple languages.

– Intelligent Selection Assistant. The assistant will help you narrow your search based on file size, name, and many others to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

– Improves hard drive performance. By freeing up disk space, Duplicate Cleaner Free can improve the performance of your system if it is running low on disk space, enabling your system to access the resources that it needs.

– Advanced image search. With its advanced search engine Duplicate Cleaner Free can identify similar images even if they are resized, rotated, edited, or have a different file size. Even if you modified an image and saved it as a new copy, Duplicate Cleaner can find it.

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