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Avira System Speedup efficiently decreases the time required by your device to boot. You can create system restore point that will help you restore system settings to the existing ones.

Software description

Avira System Speedup PRO helps you optimize overall performance of your PC with the help of dedicated tools. It can effectively find and solve all the issues that are the root cause of the slow speed of your system. It is an efficient application that was developed by Avira Operations. It can perform various tasks, but at the same time it is very easy to use. All of its features can be operated by clicking a few buttons. You can adjust the settings so that it can give you desired results.


During its installation, Avira System Speedup suggests some other freeware tools, so you have to be careful if you want to skip downloading them. Its unregistered version comes with very limited features. You can purchase its license for $31.99 USD. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating system versions.

Device Optimization:

Device Optimization technique calculates the device score in terms of performance, disk cleaning and data privacy. It also displays the current status of each activity with indications of alarming, bad and good states. For this purpose, it runs deep scan or quick scan and then solves the detected issues to increase device scores. It can effectively remove junk files, solve registry errors and can keep your private data secure.

Power Modes:

This option helps you conserve energy or battery power by letting you choose any one of the three modes: energy saver mode, Windows mode and power boost mode. With Energy Saver mode you can specify the services that should be closed when you are not using them. Windows mode can be used with optimized, high performance, power saver and balanced settings to consume energy as per your own requirement. Power Boost mode can be enabled to increase performance by efficiently managing resources.


With Avira System Speedup tools you can find duplicate files, encrypt or decrypt files and perform file shredding. You can defragment or analyze disk and can remove existing data. It allows you to defragment registry, view driver information and manage context menu, services and processes. The network can be managed and repaired. You can backup Windows registry, MBR, files and folders. The system settings or files can be restored from their backup. You can easily uninstall any software along with its components.


Here you can adjust all the settings for the functions of the software. You can enable its start up with system boot and choose its language. Furthermore you can choose specific settings for the categories of device optimizer, private data, boot optimizer and power modes. You can exclude any items by marking them through the menu of Exclusions.

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