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DVD Audio Extractor is an audio ripping application available for multiple operating systems. It extracts audio from DVDs at extremely fast pace and completes tasks much quicker than competing products.









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Software description

A robust software that is used for extracting/ripping of audio streams from DVD-Audio, DVD-Video discs, and Blu-ray. The extracted audio streams can be saved in the format of OGG, MP3, Wave, and FLAC files. It can also demux

(demultiplexer – used to connect a single source to multiple destination) the audio files into MCP, PCM, MPA, AC3, and DTS formats.

The DVD Audio Extractor is also a compatible application that can run on operating systems such as Mac OS X, Windows

and Linux (Fedora and Ubuntu) with easy-to-use to interface, super-fast extracting speed, high-quality audio structure support, numerous channel capability, audio preview, and many great features. The DVD Audio Extractor is that one tool you need to convert an audio from DVD discs or Blu-ray DVD into MP3 or other audio format available with ease.

Cross-Platform Support

Whatever operating system you’re on, you can always choose any version which yields the same functionalities and features.

Convenient Interface

Using the DVD Audio Extractor is as easy as counting one, two, three. The step-by-step wizard guide can help users who are not software savvy with comfort and ease. By just simply clicking the mouse, available functions be used right away. The DVD Audio Extractor has a completely practical command prompt interface that a user can use from a console. It is also executable using the shell script.

Extracting Speed

It converts audio streams by normal time of playback of 10%. However, time would differ with different audio format settings.

DVD Audio Format Support

The DVD Audio Extractor can encode audio formats from DVD (Audio), DVD (Video), and Blu-ray discs into MLP, DTS, LPCM, Dolby Digital AC-3, and MPEG2.

Multiple Output Format Support

It can encode a number of audio formats such as OGG (5.1 Surround, Stereo, and Mono), MP3 (Joint Stereo, Stereo, and Mono),

PCM -Uncompressed Wave (8 bits, 16 bits, 24 bits, and indefinite channel – the channel can be saved to a separate file),

AIFF (only applicable on MAC OS X), and FLAC. Demultiplexer option is also available for audio stream of the DVD and can be saved as independent file. It can also create an image from the CD that allows the conversion of DVD audio to CD audio in an instant.

Video and Audio Preview

A feature of the software that allows for the listening of a portion in the selected file before converting. You want to be sure that the selected file is the one that you wanted to convert.


With the resampling library feature, you can document the audio sampling rate with the highest quality available.

Batch Processing

Bulk ripping is available in the software for efficiency and productivity. Just select the files and DVD Audio Extractor will convert the selected files one by one.


Users can access the Help file of the program on the internet as it is written in HTML format. All the functions and other helpful information about the software can be found there.


Updated versions are available for all types of operating systems.

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