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EagleGet Software is a freeware that possesses very useful features. It makes the downloading of files easier and faster. The downloads can later be managed in a proper manner. It is very easy to use and its interface is very attractive too.

Software description

EagleGet is a famous and mighty downloader manager for Windows machines. It downloads every file that you want in a smart and faster way. Not only that, but your downloads are secure thanks to its malware protection feature. Besides, you can customize how the interface looks to your preference. What are you waiting for? Make EagleGet yours today and start downloading with confidence.

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Do I need a download manager?

If you download a lot of files from the web, you should get a download manager. Unlike downloading directly from a browser, these tools will make the process faster and efficient. As you see, a traditional browser downloads files in a single operation. While people with fast internet can expect shorter download times, some sites operate on significantly slower servers. It means that no matter how strong your connection is, getting a file from a source will still take longer.

If you’re wondering about what’s the fix for this, then read on. If you want to experience quicker downloads, you should install a download manager on your computer. These tools will significantly improve the time you fetch files from servers.

Download managers fetch files in parallel downloads. It means that a file will be segmented into separate downloads. After completion, it will merge the parts into the final file. Thus, reducing waiting time. If you’re interested in choosing the best software available, you should take a look at EagleGet. It is a powerful and versatile download manager for all users.

Features of EagleGet

Multi-browser support

EagleGet supports most browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Internet Explorer. In a webpage, EagleGet will automatically detect media files so that it will be easier to download. Also, it supports various web and transfer protocols, namely, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, and RTSP.

Multi-threaded download

It uses a multi-threading technique to accelerate download speeds. Files are segmented into parts and later on compiled in a single final output. It is called parallel downloads or multiple connections to fetch files from a server to reduce download time.

Automated download status detection and link refresh

EagleGet automatically detects download status. You can also schedule downloads, so you don’t have to manually start fetching, especially when there many items on your download queue. Moreover, if a download link expires, EagleGet can detect it and will immediately request another link from the same server to continue or start a new download of the same file.

Supports notifications

It detects and continuously checks download status even if you’re not using it. If a download is finished or failed to complete, you will receive a notification. It is useful for keeping track of download status even without continually checking the program.

Malware protection

EagleGet scans webpages and files before proceeding to download. It has a file integrity verifier and malware checker, so you’ll feel confident that the files you download are safe and untampered.

Customizable interface

You can customize the color themes and background image of EagleGet. Create your combinations or be inspired by many beautiful creations of users worldwide. Above all, it supports more than 30 languages so you’ll feel at home.

100% free

EagleGet is completely free, so you don’t have to worry about fees or paywall to use its advanced features. Download and start using EagletGet today!

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