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Facebook Lite is a limited version of the popular social media app catered to users with older or less powerful phones.

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Now, under the Meta brand, this app joins the multitude of social media apps offered by FB. Facebook Lite is currently available for Android devices on the Google Play store.

Since the inception of Facebook in 2004, the software and social media service has greatly expanded from its original concept. Similarly, the Facebook app, which was first released for phones in 2006 and Android in 2008, has developed thanks to improved smartphone and cellular technology.

Lite, one of many social media apps offered by Meta, distinguishes itself by catering to low-income and emerging smartphone markets. Facebook has over 2.8 billion users as of March 2021. Many of these users are located in areas with limited cellular service or Wi-Fi. Lite caters to these markets because it is designed to work with 2G phones and in areas with limited Wi-Fi access.

Facebook Lite takes up less storage on your phone than the standard app and is quicker to download. It also uses less mobile data than the regular app, so those who can only afford limited data plans have the ability to use the app’s features a lot more. Lastly, Facebook states that this is the fastest version of their social media app. That is likely due to its limited features.

Don’t think Lite is just a budget version of the full Facebook Lite allows you to post status updates, add and talk to friends, scroll through groups, watch and share videos, shop and sell in the marketplace, catch up on the news, and research local businesses. The only significant feature not included is the ability to play games; other than that, most differences have to do with streamlining the app and UI. This iteration is also perfect for older individuals with less mobile phone experience and people looking to spend less time on social media.

This app is available for people ages 13 and older.