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FL Studio is the one-stop solution for music producers. Its comprehensive range of options and tools make it the right choice for users. Since it comes with a well-maintained help section, you won’t find it a challenge to learn about its functionalities.

Software description

Image-Line, a Belgium based company, is the creator of the digital audio work station, FL Studio. Image-Line offers free updates for life with the purchase of this program. Available in three different editions: Signature Bundle, Fruity Edition and Producer Edition, specifically for Microsoft Windows. The program is also available for iOS and android mobile devices. The all-inclusive production system allows the user to mix, edit, compose, record and rearrange music like a professional.

Program Features

FL Studio numerous features are amazing considering it costs at last half as much as similar programs. This program enables the user to mix, remix, edit and manipulate audio for you to customize your tunes, your way. FL Studio includes multi-track recording and the ability of sequencing and rearranging of your audio recordings. The program boasts live recording capabilities, record and play MIDI input, use in other DAWs and synth and effect plug-in hosting. Share your creations with all your friends with a live performance while utilizing the interface and plug-in parameters automation.

You can also easily sync with other program plug-ins to really get the party started. Play lists are customizable with sequencing and rearranging, not to mention the multi drag and drop option for audio files. Use the right click data entry or piano toll attributes when showing off your studio skills. You are also able to play a truncated note in clips, as well as pick the plug-in of your choice. Utilize the mixing-board interface that looks spookily close to the real-life counterpart. Create your own beats with the drum machine, then chop up your own breaks like a pro. Pepper your custom tune with a list of available instruments, sound effects and voice samples. Finally, the multi-touch support will make you the rock star in your group.


There are several generators and plug-ins available with FL Studio. The Plug-ins that come built-in to the program include: Fruity Video Player, Maximus, Dashboard, Riff Machine, Fruity Stereo Shaper, Edison and Deckadance. The program includes SliceX and DirectWave Sampler. The synthesizer list in the program consists of: Harmless, DX10FM, Autogun, Sytrus, Boo Bass, Morphine, Drumaxx, Toxic Biohazard, Ogun, SynthMaker, 3XOsc, WASP/WASP XT, PoiZone, Buzz Generator Adaptor, TS-404, Groove Machine, DrumSynth Live, FL Slayer, Sakura, Harmor, SimSynth Live and FL Soundfont Player. Each synthesizer has its own unique qualities that can literally make you a DJ any day of the week. In fact, FL Studio is actually used by several electronic musicians.

Final Say

In the world of personal creation music-suites, FL Studio is leaps and bounds above others on the market. If you mix as a hobby or professionally, this program is a good fit. Whether on your PC or mobile device you literally can be the life of the party. Plus, Image-Line proves to be customer-oriented by allowing owners to install the program on all of their PCs and boasting free updates for Life! Truly all-inclusive, with access to support and forums, availability of direct contact with the developers, FL Studio packs major bang for the bucks.

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