Serato DJ

Serato DJ

For those who work as DJs professionally or enjoy DJing as a personal hobby on the weekends, having the right kind of software is an important part of the art. A serious guitarist wouldn’t want to hRead More

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a powerful sound editing and mixing tool that is one of the industry leading software platforms for sound engineers, recording artists, soundtrack managers, and much more. It’s avaRead More


TagScanner scans the files of various formats on your computer to organize the information contained in each name tag. The utility also allows you to generate a tag file name/folder, or change the valRead More

FL Studio

Formerly known as FruityLoops, FL Studio is the top choice of music producers. Whether you‘re a professional or develop music due to your interest in music, you’ll find it a great solution. BacRead More

Audacity Reviews


If you are a professional sound designer or looking to become one, you need to have strong, versatile audio editing software. Audacity has your sound design needs covered no matter what platform you uRead More

EZ CD audio converter

EZ CD Audio Converter

EZ CD Audio Converter makes it easy to convert audio files from one format to several other formats with a high level of conversion stability and audio quality. With EZ CD Audio Converter you can rip Read More


Reaper is a budget-friendly full-fledged DAW (digital audio workstation). While affordable it offers capabilities compatible with expensive DAW’s, except the lack of a sound library. Users can test Read More


For installation of the software first choose the preferred language for the installer. Then the installation wizard will start and you will be asked to choose the location folder for installation. InRead More


Mp3tag is an efficient tool to manage your audio files and to make any editing in their specifications and information. It is a freeware tag editor that was developed by Florian Heidenreich and is stiRead More

MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX Music Maker editor is the ultimate music creation and editing tool for your computer. If you want to compose an original beat or make a soundtrack, it is ideal for you. It offers several beats aRead More


Nowadays DAW interface is gaining popularity among music producers. It’s because it offers a wide range of options in a minimal outlay. Mixcraft is one such application that helps you record and remRead More

Freemake Audio Converter

Are you looking for a powerful tool to convert audio files into different formats? Look no more. Freemake Audio Converter will serve you well. Freemake Audio Converter is a versatile program that alloRead More