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Epic Games developed and published the multiplayer online battle royale game called Fortnite. When it first came out, the game was a four-player online cooperative shooter-survival game in which players worked together to protect valuable objects from swarms of zombies using a variety of player-created traps and fortifications.

Software description

The “Battle Royale” game mode for Fortnite was released alongside the main game in 2017 and is available for free. Given that this mode of play did not cost anything, it attracted a large audience and helped propel the game’s popularity to new heights very rapidly. More than 125 million people all over the world have played the game since it came out.

Gameplay and Availability

The game can be played on numerous platforms, including Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. You can buy skins and a “Battle Pass” to speed up your account leveling and get bonus items and emotes at each level through the game’s microtransaction system. As none of the in-game skins affect the actual experience, the microtransactions are solely for those who want to advance through the ranks more quickly or change their appearance.

Up to one hundred players are dropped onto an island in “Battle Royale,” where they must fight to the death using only the weapons and supplies they can find. There are no weapons available at the beginning of the game other than a pickaxe for all players to use. The pickaxe allows the player to destroy structures and other objects in order to obtain material for construction.

New walls, ramps, roofs, and so on can be constructed using these materials. Players can swiftly fortify themselves against attackers, construct ramps to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, or even trap others. Similar to other battle royale games, the objective is to survive until the end, but what sets Fortnite apart is the ability to construct new buildings at will.

How to Play

Playable in Solo, Duo, or Squad, Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode begins with all players being airdropped onto an island connected by a “Battle bus” that stretches across the whole map. Having a predetermined landing spot is crucial before jumping off of a bus in order to avoid landing in the middle of nowhere.

This is due to the fact that early on in the game, it is absolutely crucial to scavenge and plunder for equipment, the majority of which may be discovered within structures or chests strewn around the environment. Most of the time, these chests will appear in or near structures.

Since constructing buildings is crucial to your success during battles with other users, it’s also important to spend time grinding resources by destroying other players’ structures with your pickaxe. Wood, stone, and metal are the three primary materials available. Wood is the most fragile material, whereas metal is the most durable. The resistance of your buildings to enemy fire and technology depends on the materials you used to construct them.

As the storm approaches, less and less of the map will be accessible for gameplay. Since being outside in the storm will cause players to take damage over time, it is crucial that they always know where the playable area is. The playable area is not limited to a small radius, so there are other quick ways to get there besides just running.

Vehicles and Travel

Various vehicles and pieces of equipment are dispersed across the map for your use. You can find ATVs to drive freely, balloons to float for longer when jumping, and even “rift portals” to launch you into the air and parachute to wherever you want to go. New maps, vehicles, and other content are regularly added by Epic Games, so if you want to know what’s actually in the game right now, you’ll have to dive in and give it a try.

It’ll be later on in Fortnite. At this point, the playable area is extremely constrained, and encounters between players are inevitable .During the later stages of the game, expect most players to possess large properties to retain more influence during gameplay.

Much like other shooting titles, muscling your way into exclusively controlling higher ground areas for better view gives you a distinct edge over other players you’re competing against. Constructing these giant compounds allows you to remain safeguarded from enemy attacks, thus making your primary objective the construction of new buildings as quickly as possible. In many cases, the ability to build efficiently is what separates good players from great players.

Weapons and Ratings

When it comes to your arsenal, there’s a huge variety of choices for you to beef up your collection. Your weapons are ranked based on the rarity of each one, determining specs like how powerful and effective they are. Each different level of rarity is marked by a designated color – the lowest being gray. After gray, the level grows to green, followed by blue, then purple and orange round out the top power ratings.

Weapons include sniper and assault rifles, shotguns, and even RPGs (rocket launchers). Obviously, no weapon functions without the proper ammo – which players can locate throughout the different areas of Fortnite. Each weapon has its own designated type of ammo, so it’s important to choose accordingly.

Grenades are also hidden throughout the landscape, in addition to various pitfalls and components to heal your character. Hold on to any elements that heal your character, as you’ll likely need them to replenish your health during a battle.

Tournament Play

Fortnite has grown exponentially since its release in 2017, and is currently one of the most played games in recent memory. Popular streamers like “Ninja,” “TSM Myth,” and “TimTheTatman” played a big part in the game’s meteoric rise to fame on Twitch after its release.

In addition, Fortnite has generated a plethora of various tournaments all around the world, with the first being conducted in Los Angeles at the massive gaming exposition Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2018. Since then, there have been several tournaments and events for the game, all of which have attracted massive audiences and prize pools.

Epic Games hosted the 2019 Fortnite Cup. World Cup qualifications started all throughout the world with the conclusion of the contest taking place in New York. The whole prize pool for the cup was valued at US$30 million, with the winner receiving a cool $3 million.

Fortnite winnings eclipse any other game in history by a huge margin. Since then, tournaments have taken place worldwide in various places for different levels of earnings.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want an all-inclusive game to casually play in a massive universe that’s a step up from more childish games like Roblox, Fortnite is your bag. In addition, if you’re a hardcore gamer who takes their craft seriously, Fortnite is incredible as it presents a chance to earn real money – and many players do.

Regardless of your preference, the gameplay is excellent, and the title only gets better as the community continues to grow.

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