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Game Extractor is an efficient tool meeting requirements of users to extract files from old gaming packages. It also acts as a learning platform where developers can create mods. It is an advanced tool appropriate for performing thorough operations. It lets you understand the structure of games and enhance their working. It is a cross platform tool capable of running smoothly on almost all operating systems.









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Software description

Game Extractor is a powerful tool developed by Watto Studios for gaming enthusiasts. The tool was created to help access files within thousands of games. It was made capable of opening game archive files that cannot be opened with any regular commercial tool and extract the files. The tool enables gamers to examine their favorite games and even make changes to in-game assets. It was designed to work with many well-known titles and game engines and allows users to view assets directly in Game Extractor without extracting the files from game archives.


– Built-in file browser. Game Extractor features a simple to navigate file explorer that allows you to look into game archives directly. The content of file archives can be viewed without extracting the files to your local drive.

– File preview. The file explorer allows you to view in-game assets. You can preview images and videos directly in Game Extractor with its side asset viewer or in the file explorer using the file preview feature.

– Unpacking archives. Game Extractor and preview and extract all the files from game archives. You can save the assets on your hard drive and open them with third-party programs to edit or preview them.

– Archive recompression. Game Extractor enables archive manipulation. It can extract files and compress the archive back in its original format using modified files. The tool enables you to alter in-game assets and modify the game using assets you created or created by modders.

– Format scanner. Even if a game is not supported, Game Extractor can scan files and detect if it can extract files or if it uses any supported archive formats. Once it identifies the file format of the archive, the tool can extract all the assets and compress them back in the original format.

– Supports thousands of games. Game Extractor supports 3200 games. The supported list of games uses known game archive formats that Game Extractor can recognize, decompress and compress.

– Supports PC, mobile, and game console games. Game Extractor is not limited to PC games. It can be used with many mobile games and console games as long as it has access to the installed files. Supports PC, Android, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, iOS, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS games. A full list of supported games can be found on the official website.

– File conversion. Game Extractor features an advanced file format scanner. It can convert game-specific assets such as images and convert them into readable image files such as JPG and PNG.

– Supports multiple popular game engines. Watto Studios made Game Extractor work with all the popular game engines such as Unity 3D, Valve Source engine, and Unreal Engine. Even if a game engine may not be supported, Game Extractor can be used and scan to see if it uses any type of game archive formats that can be read.

– Comprehensive help section. Game Extractor features many built-in tools. The help section provides in-depth guides on how to use each tool and feature to ensure that even new users master Game Extractor and get the most out of their games.

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