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Gilisoft RAMDisk is an effective tool that assists in improving computer performance. It creates a virtual storage space on RAM due to which the speed of activities is significantly increased. You can utilize its trial version to speed up important tasks without consuming large amount of system resources.

Software description

Gilisoft RAMDisk is an efficient computer application through which the performance of PC can be enhanced. It reserves a specific portion of the volatile memory and creates a virtual partition. With the help of this partition, the speed and performance of running application is increased. It is a licensed tool compatible with all 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows operating system including and after 2000 edition. It is a safe application that is free from malware.

Through the settings window of Gilisoft RAMDisk, you can adjust its operations. You can decide the action that must take place upon clicking the start button. The drop down options include load a saved image, load a new FAT disk and create a new unformatted disk. The source folder can be chosen along with the maximum space that should be reserved. You can label it or leave it unlabeled. A temporary directory can be optionally created, with the option to save changes to the file upon shutdown.

Its advanced menu helps you select a number of options. You can manually set application timeout value in terms of seconds. Other checkbox options comprise of backup file creation upon disk image saving, compression of image file on NTFS file system, memory clearing, startup option and allowing image file to be saved in non-system drives.

Event Log:
The software maintains a log of all activities performed. Along with the event name, its type, source and time are also shown. You can view system event log messages and can scan the system log to view additional content. You can start the operations with Start RAMDisk function and can stop them anytime. Moreover, the advanced operations let you browse and load image file. You can choose load options and save options as per your preferences.

Virtual Drive Management:
Virtual hard disk drives can be created on RAM to enhance performance during advanced tasks that need more resources. Gaming, image editing, video production, internet browsing, software development and audio rendering – all are included in this category. The information of created disks can be viewed through its interface. All files and folders saved there are secure and can be accessed in no time. A backup image can be created and stored from time to time. Its copy is stored in CPU so that data can be retrieved even if the drives are deleted.

Gilisoft RAMDisk Features:
It is a user friendly tool that works at fast pace. It considerably increases the speed and enables you to carry out the activities without unnecessary delay. It possesses a simple GUI that simplifies the complex tasks for beginners. With the help of this application, the system can quickly perform the operations which need to process a large amount of data.

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