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Try the app today, it is free to download and use. Google does not need to only be used when you are at a desktop or fixed location, the app itself can offer you the full power of knowledge, right at your fingertips!

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Software description

Enjoy Google on your mobile device. Search, consume news and get updated with the latest in different topics happening in the world right now. Google keeps you updated with what’s trending. Stay informed with your favorite sports team with live scores and updates.

View Google anywhere on your phone. Access your homepage with the Google home feed, long-press your home button, or press a button trigger on your device. Google makes the app more accessible to users anywhere. Get the benefits of Google at the convenience of your phone; download the Google app now!

Google App – Key features

  • Browse shop and restaurant recommendations
  • Stay updated with live sports score
  • Information on movies, shows, and reviews
  • Catch up with the latest images and videos from the web
  • Sip through the news and other happenings
  • Search the web

What can you do with the Google App?

Browse shop and restaurant recommendations

View recommendations of top-rated shops and restaurants near you. Schedule a date right on the app. Also, you can search for what’s the best place in town. Don’t bother asking and searching; use the app, and enjoy your trip.

Google pulls data from review sites and user feedback. Customer’s honest reviews are the best information you can get when deciding if a shop or restaurant is right for you. Book and go out on the town right now!

Stay updated with live sports scores.

Stay updated with the latest happening in the world of sport. Follow your favorite team, get updated with their scores and standing, and be notified of their matches. Consume sports news right on the Google home feed.

Information on movies, shows, and reviews

Do you love to watch movies and shows? The Google App lets you follow reviews and commentaries on your favorites. Get notified when there’s a new episode or season. Add videos to your watchlist and let Google manage it for you.

Say “Hey Google” to remind you of movie and episode drops. Can’t decide what to watch? Browse hundreds of recommendations from the top search results. You can also search the web for the best articles on what to watch from millions of movie and TV show review publications.

Catch up with the latest images and videos from the web

The Google home feed will keep you updated with the most popular and trending images and videos from the web. Google compiles the most shared and interacted photos on the Internet. Laugh out loud with the funniest pictures from Reddit, Imgur, and 9Gag! Share these images and videos with your friends or any social media site you use.

Sip through the news and other happenings

Google intelligently compiles the news that you care about. It uses machine learning to identify the topics and publications that you might be interested in reading. You can follow issues and magazines to show and be prioritized on your home feed.

Search the web

The essence of Google is providing people around the world the ability to search for anything on the web. Google crawls and scans the web to give you the best results for your search queries. Rest assured, you’ll find anything. Google it!