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Google photos is a software for keeping and backing up photos and videos. It sorts out photos automatically according to places , time or event. It separates photos you take by camera and those you download or share. It backs up photos automatically or manually depending on preference.

Software description

Google photos app is a software application that saves images, photos and screenshots. It automatically groups them into categories basing on different parameters. Such parameters are like time, place and events. It syncs the photos on Google driver or cloud. This saves them for future retrieval. Also, Google Photos is capable of sorting out photos the user takes by camera, downloads, and screenshots. It will automatically create their albums basing on where they originate from. Some photos are sent through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. This software will show which social media platform they were sent through.

To begin with, Google Photos operates automatically to classify the photos. It is capable of sorting out people and animals. It narrows down to classify similar photos like photos belonging to one person. You can then add a name tag on that folder. Therefore, whenever you want to retrieve the photos, you simply type the person’s name on the search bar. Google Photos can also sort out photos depending on the location of the snap. This is only possible when you allow location to access your photos. This software will create folders of different locations of the photos.

Additionally, Google Photos backs up your entire photo collection onto Google drive or cloud. This is a helpful feature which ensures you are capable to keep your memories. That is, if you lose the device you are currently using or it crashes. What you have to do is simply log in to your Google account and restore your photos from Google drive or cloud. The backing up of photos is either manual or automatic depending on what you prefer. Google provides 15GB for storing as many photos as possible, backing up photos, files or documents. Incase you have a huge collection of photos that takes up all the space, you can always buy additional space.

Furthermore, Google Photos is free to download and install. It is available for Android, IOS, and windows operating systems. For Android users, it is always ready on your device when you buy it. It is also available for download from Google or play or apple stores. It is free to use and there is no premium package. You use your Google account to activate it. A single google account is applicable across all google applications. It has a simple intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate about. Its interface closely resembles that of ordinary gallery.

Moreover, this software stores photos and videos of different resolutions and formats. It can store videos of up to 16 megapixels. You can compress videos or photos and store them using Google photos. It also has ability to identify different landmarks and landforms. This results from its rich resources allowing it to identify different landmarks. Also this software animates similar photos to create a video like file. It is interesting as it compiles memories.

In addition, Google Photos has made it easy to share photos and videos. When in need to share photos and videos from Google photos, all you need to do is click on share tab and it generates a link. You share the link with those you wish to share photos with. Upon clicking the link, the photos you share will open on their Google photos. An additional feature is photo editing , filters and photo crop. They are for users to customize their photos as they wish. Moreover, users manage who can access their photos and videos. Users can further chat using this software. The conversation has end to end encryption so that no one can breach or leak the conversations.

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