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Google Translate is a reliable translation program that can handle translations in dozens of languages in written text and spoken speech.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

Google Translate is a mobile translation tool that provides users with translations for up to 90 languages. It can help people, read, speak, and communicate by overcoming these language barriers. While the mobile application provides an SMS translator, it also handles audio recordings and text-recognition features that help users translate both written and spoken words.

Google Translate is straightforward to use. The screen displays the input text and output text. Users can select what the input text is, or they can ask Google to detect the input text for them. Then, users can select the output box and pick the output language. Google will automatically translate the text for the user, providing the written text in the selected output language. Furthermore, there is a speaker icon on the output side of the screen that allows users to hear the output phrase. This is particularly helpful for those who are traveling to another country and need to communicate with someone else.

In addition, the mobile application allows users to handwrite a word on the touchscreen. Then, the application will automatically detect the language and translate it. While the screen might not be very big, users can simply tap the spacebar to save the word before writing the next one. After this, users can hear the finished translation.

A recent update of Google Translate added a “Conversation” mode. This unique feature allows people to speak naturally, allowing people to have a conversation while the app translates back and forth. Users don’t need to tap the screen, as the app automatically recognizes when someone is talking. The app will capture the conversation, translate the phrase, and speak it out loud before the conversation continues and the application translates the language in the other direction. The goal of this feature is to mimic having a human translator standing in the middle of the conversation.

A few of the top features include:

  • Google Translate can translate back and forth in dozens of languages.
  • The mobile application can handle written and spoken text.
    Google Translate can speak the results to the user after the translation is done.
  • Google Translate can capture spoken words, translate the text into the target language, and speak it back to the users.
  • The mobile application keeps a history of translations and allows users to save them for easier access later.
  • Some languages have a text-to-speech output, which is helpful when users are dealing with any unfamiliar sounds.
  • Google Translate features an SMS translation feature that allows users to take text conversations and pull them into the application for quick processing.
  • Users can download language packs ahead of time for use when offline, which is helpful when traveling or using the phone in airplane mode.

Google Translate has become one of the most popular and reliable applications for translating back and forth between languages, regularly releasing updates which only improve its functionality.