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Grammarly is software for technical writing purposes. It supports the user's browser in checking grammar, plagiarism, spelling, and many more.










Software description

Also, it supports multiple platforms, including Facebook, WordPress, and Microsoft Word, etc. Grammarly is a free grammar assistant software, meaning it ensures the writer’s composition is correct, easy to read, precise, and most importantly, the tone suits the purpose and addressee.

Moreover, the software explains the details behind each correction and suggestion, including the change of words and usage, style, wordiness, punctuation, and even plagiarism. By that, aside from the software helps you compose in perfect grammar and original work, users also learned how to correct an issue in writing.

There are discoveries upon reviewing the Grammarly software. Although the features are impressive and reliable, there are still pros and cons that come with the specific software. It has a consistent growth over the years because of the advantages that this writing software has to offer to writers or users. However, there is no perfect software. Even though there are best features that Grammarly offers, but there are still features or aspects that need improvement.


Instant grammar correcting

The corrections and suggestions are straightforward, which will directly reveal the mistakes you have made in writing. By that, users or writers can change the errors right away.


Grammarly only accepts if your work is profoundly correct even though it misunderstood the punctuation and the sentence construction you made. It checks your grammar at a high rate of accuracy.

Comprehensible explanations

Grammarly will correct your work but supplemented it with explanations to understand why there are corrections and suggestions.


Grammarly is inclusive to all, in which users can choose their language preference. Users can freely turn it off if words from their mother tongue are not acceptable in the English language.

Simple to use

If users are a newbie in using the Grammarly software, there’s no issue, for there are comprehensible instructions that will guide them throughout the process. By that, in less than a day, they will master it.


Grammarly doesn’t function in Google Docs, for there are services that do not find suitable to Google Docs, but it extends to other platforms. Therefore, the software is not versatile enough for all platforms.

Its free version is limited.

It has limited feature offers if you only use the free version. But, purchasing a Grammarly Premium is worth it, and it will be beneficial in the long run.

Aggressive advertising

Grammarly software indeed wants users to upgrade. That is why it reminds users of the free version to upgrade into the premium version. Some people might consider the advertising an irritating one, but in the long run, users will later realize that it was helpful.

Overall, the software fixes and finds the writing errors automatically, than the traditional process in correcting grammar and proofreading. Numerous people considered purchasing Premium versions as an investment, for it refines the original work of the writers. One factor that it became the top tool for all writers globally.

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