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Microsoft Mathematics is a free online math solver with stepwise solutions to subjects like algebra, calculus, and other mathematical related tasks. Users can get help from the website or with the math application.








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Microsoft Mathematics is a tool that lets users to perform all kinds of calculations, starting from addition of numbers to plotting complex 3 Dimensional equations. In other words, it is a windows calculator. It has a clean and easy to use interface, and a user can easily personalize it with skins, as well as calculator themes. On the left side, there is a calculator where you can enter numbers; you can also use your keyboard, or a stylus to key in all kinds of mathematical expression in a blank worksheet. The software executes the equation and shows the results at the bottom are of the Window.

Microsoft Mathematics contains an equation solver, triangle solver, and unit converter, and list with a wide range of formulas and equations from various scientific arenas such as algebra, physics, geometry, trigonometry, and chemistry etc. However, the app has some limitations, that is, it only functions with its specified format. With this program, solving problems from these subjects becomes easier and enjoyable.

Furthermore, Microsoft Mathematics houses a database of arithmetic, calculus, and other symbols, worksheets as well as exercises, visual samples and quizzes. The app has an interactive examination device. It is available for free from the Microsoft website. Also, the students can refine their skills about the software using the tips, and tutorials available on the application.

Users can access this software through the Microsoft office Graph application, alternatively, they can access it on the internet. Also, you can install Microsoft Mathematics on a desktop in a Windows Computer or Mac devices from the control panel, and you can open it directly from the start menu. It demands fundamental Microsoft Office software such as word, excel and PowerPoint in order to work effectively.

On opening Microsoft Mathematics you will see algebra, and graphing tools on the first tab. This tab contains a large collection of formulas with their definitions. There is also a calculator tab which permits the users to enter mathematical calculations. Geometry is the second tab containing the common calculation tables such as perimeter, gravitational constant, volume, volume formula, area ratio, area, and so on. The following calculators are also available arithmetic and geometric expressions.

Microsoft Mathematics is advantageous individuals since they can use it to solve maths and science problems fast and effectively in teaching fundamental ideas. The features of the software enables it to solve large number of math subjects. The calculations in this field is fast, and also accurate; also, it can visualize graphs to enable the teacher in calculating or preparing questions for students.

According to Microsoft, the app offers comprehensive mathematical devices that assist students in completing their home work quickly, and easily. In addition, students are able to learn how to solve equations stepwise while acquiring a solid understanding of the basic ideas in different mathematical and scientific fields. In Microsoft Mathematics, there is a graphical calculator with great features that functions like a handheld calculator. In addition, there are math tools that aids a user to evaluate triangles, convert a system of units from one to another, and solving a system of equations. These features makes the program versatile which means that it caters for both students, and math instructors.

Microsoft Corporation indicates that, Microsoft Mathematics harnesses the power of multiple solvers like math problem solver, math answers scanner, math photo solver, percentage calculator, word problem solver scientific calculator, and math handwriting solver. The users of the software claims that it is one of the best due to its ability to aid them solve all their tasks in mathematics, science, and other technical assignments.

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